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For some reason I am having issue about the game keep kicking me out whenever I try to use my map on borderland 3 and this start right after the first update 9/26/19 are there anyone having same issue?

Instead of nerfing guns/chars and all that stuff. Wehen are ya’ll gonna focus on what matters so people can play with their friends? Like xbox when you join you friend crashes game then total console. So when is that happening? I waiting a long time for BL3 but yet I can’t play with my friends… starting to regret this purchase, shame I do love the BL franchise but its not a game thats fun solo. nerfing drop rates made it worse too I have yet to touch Maliwan cause my group of friends and I included crash when we try to group up… FIX THIS!

The issues that bother me for a longtime are:

  • 300 item bank is still not enough, double it (specially when messing with lvl-cap)
  • Vending machine backpack menu is bugged, can’t scroll in that almost, the left window starts to scroll instead of the right… and it’s nog long enoug (6 items viewable), wich is anoiying with scroll problem (new problem)
  • no use for money, exp and irridium