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We need a new BiA game.

SGT. Baker’s story must continue! :slight_smile:

Hopefully the destructibility would actually be a useable mechanic this time around. Shooting walls out with the Rocket team and such. (Not just sandbags and wooden fences.) Would love to also see personal animations for each character now too. Technology has gotten so far now that I could see this happening.

What? you didn’t like the teams of exactly the same moving robots? More disposable than disposable cover!

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Seeing the perfectly synched vault from four guys was always humorous.

Well, I usually hope that Gbx realized their mistakes on the gameplay and should’ve put some of the stuff that they’d showed on the E3 of all three games. The E3 looks awesome but again Gbx took it off to shorten the memory.

With technology nowadays, I could see THIS happening.

Heres hoping it doesnt end up like Half Life and we actually get an ending

Half Life never got an ending? Strange.