About the Bug Reports Category - PLEASE READ BEFORE REPORTING BUGS

(Gearbox Licensing Human) #1

Hello, and thanks for playing the Project 1v1 Closed Techical Test.

Please use this category to report any bugs or issues you have while playing Project 1v1. Below is a format that will help our team be able to quickly find and respond to your bug report. Follow this format to ensure that your bug is fixed as quickly as possible!

Please follow this format when reporting bugs:

Start a new topic, and title it with a short description of the bug.

In the body of the topic, include:

  • Description Summary
  • Observed Results:
  • Steps to Reproduce:
  • Expected Results:
  • Build #:


Description Summary: “My player character falls through the bridge.”

Observed Results: “When I cross the bridge, my character falls completely through.”

Steps to Reproduce:
“1. Move character to the bridge.
2. Walk across the bridge.
3. Observe that the player character will fall through the bridge.”

Expected Results: “The character should walk across the bridge without falling through.”

Build #: “CL 455000”

Reminder on image capture/share
(Temet Nosce) #2

No need for specs?

(Trust me, I'm an Engineer) #3

Haven’t opened the game yet, but question regarding locations. On another test I was in, we were having troubles relaying what the positions on the map were. Any chance there would be a way we can agree on a coordinate system for the map in order to aid in relaying what our locations are without disclosing things? It would help a bit for when “Player character falls through the bridge”