About the campaign

Looking to get some information about the campaign before I buy in. I want to get this to play with the wife co-op and then put some time myself into the mp. So a few questions I am sure can be answered here:

  1. How many missions or whatever?

  2. Do missions have specific characters or can a player choose?

  3. Can upgrades be earned in the campaign that can be used if you play the campaign again?

Just really trying to get some idea on replay-ability really.

8 missions more to come
You can use whoever you want and unlock more characters the higher you level
Yes items found can be added to your load out to use in story or pvp

Thanks. Seems like there will be plenty to keep us playing together for a while. Will have to grab a copy tomorrow.

Yup you can repeatedly play levels for random drops and if you find a champ you like you can check their lore page and try to complete all the lore objectives for a character specific legendary item