About the CTT NDA

I am just curious about where those of us who joined the Closed Technical Test stand with our NDA agreement now that the Beta phase is officially under way as of April 8th. We (well, the PS4 guys :p) are going into a new build for the game and I think it would be useful to discuss improvements made between the CTT and the early access and beta game play.

I don’t think this kind of discussion would be harmful now but I haven’t seen any permission to drop the NDA agreement. Will it carry through to the official release date or is the current Beta phase acceptable?

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I would think that as of 10AM PST (or whatever), our NDA would be overshadowed by the Beta.

I can’t think of any information covered in the CTT that wouldn’t be covered in the Beta.

But I would be interested in an official response.

NDA wont expire since it applies to the CTT, but the Open Beta should be open to discuss I think.

That’s the way I understand it. The reason for the NDA on the CTT was because the game could (and did) change between then and the beta. The beta is understood to not be the final gameplay and things could change before the game is actually released.

That makes sense. My reason for asking as because I wanted to talk about the improvements that have been made to game modes, map design and characters. I wanted to reply to a youtuber that was unhappy with changes made to Phoebe in more recent builds and I didn’t think I could reply in detail without breaking the NDA so I decided against replying. My line of thinking was that I would be talking about a version of the game that no longer exists so it wouldn’t matter, but I couldn’t remember the exact wording of the NDA agreement so I thought I’d better ask before starting a discussion.

Thanks for the advice. :smile:

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Anytime. I would run your questions by @JoeKGBX and see what he says. I know we can talk about the CTT in general terms, but we can’t post videos of gameplay or talk about specific changes that have been made since then.

Yea, CTT NDA is still in effect, so we’ll all want to be moving the discussion forward to the beta.

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No problem. Thanks :slight_smile:

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