About the Eridium Fabricator and one possible way to make it more vialable

One of the things that left in my opinion one the most hyped weapons in the game falling into dust in a short amount of time was none other than the Eridium Fabricator.
It is still a very fun item just by watching a gun spitting out more guns.
Now the only main function of this weapon, is making the player gain cash by the cost of Eridium, which is fine and sometimes we can even obtain very good purple rarity weapons. Before game release it was stated it could drop legendary rarity, but only after much further we end up knowing that only the legendary Vault Haunter Typhon Deleon himself can produce this accomplishment.
Finally have been watching folks around that want a reason to spend Eridium in a good manner.

Then I thought, we already got the tools available for it, just have to make it fit.

Gearbox, why not make some kind of “legendary of the week” banner/event, making that certain legendary, drop from the Eridium Fabricator guarantee at certain rate throughout an intire week? Not only that since there are so many legendaries a max of 3 weapons could appear in the poll per week, and it could also feature with a guarantee anointed effect that could make players look out for, sink eridium and still make cash. Only tricky part is to make players search for the right weapon parts, those would come out randomly.


  • Eridium Fabricator Legendary item drop of the week:

-(Maggie) (Butcher) (the infinity)
-(anointed effect: bla bla bla (you get it!
-(Random weapon parts)
-(Drop rate 1.5%)
-(not stackable with any kind of luck status or items)

You could also make the community forum participate just for fun in a voting section. You would choose 10 legendaries at random (including shields, grenades, etc) and then make the community vote in for 3, what would like to see it drop within that week from the Eridium Fabricator.

Thank you for your time, best reguards.

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I feel like that would result in players blowing a couple hundred ridya on Monday until they got the weekly item, and then forgetting about the whole thing until next Monday.
I guess it can encourage people to collect eridium each week, but they might as well collect legendaries each week, making the weekly items redundant.

The guaranteed anointment is interesting, but there’s so many variations, that if I want a specific weapon+anointment combo, who knows how many weeks I’ll have to wait until GBX makes that the weekly item, if ever.

I was always a bit curious why the fabricator drops greens. As is it might aswell be a money cannon. That way I don’t need to pick up the guns and then sell them. Just give me the money :stuck_out_tongue: I think iv seen a few good Torgue launchers, and a couple good Dahl and Jackos sniper rifles drop from it but they give you the fabricator way to close to max level for it to be much of anything other then a money generator.