About The Flakker

Hey guys, after all these years, I finally got my hand on the legendary worshipped Flakker shotgun from the mini Loader at TK Baha’s house in Arid Nexus Badlands. I literally never had this before when playing on PC. None of my teammates used it too. But I’ve read left and right that people recommend the Flakker.

But seriously, how the heck am I suppose to utilize this gun? Because everytime I shoot, it creates explosion in front of me that doesn’t do anything to the skags trying to bite my Maya’s butt.

Because of this, my hype was like “OMG The Flakker!! Let’s try it!! Oh nevermind, I switch back to my obvious killer Torgue shotty…”

Advice would be appreciated.

The Flakker requires a much more precise method of use as it is intended to be a crowd control (or anti-fatty) gun. Maya has great synergy with that part as she can easily bring many mobs together with Sub-Sequence and Converge and works well even on OP8, just don’t spec into Accelerate, faster bullets kill it.
Other classes have much higher damage potential with it however but I am really not that experienced in that case.
For optimal performance you do want to stay a few meters away from your victim(s) as several flaks essentially converge together at that sweet spot for maximum potential.
You absolutely want a Casual Flakker for the additional 2 pellets at no extra ammo cost.
Without visual aid and lots of practice it can be difficult to use however but experienced use is oh so rewarding. For that, listen to that guy down there.

As everyone here will say, just look me up on youtube.
I am the god of flakkers, of course I’d explain it correctly.

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Alright. I’ll try checking it out