About the...flesh-guns?

At some point after the first Vault Guardian fight, I ended up with 2 different, uh, flesh guns. Infested guns? Whatever, point is they’re gross and cool but I’m not sure where they came from. What’s the story behind these?

(I accidentally sold the other one, but I assure you it was just as gross.)


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Gross but AMAZING!


Found another with a different barrel while fighting around the Eden-6 swamps:

Whatever they’re supposed to be, I’m glad to see weird weapons make it into the game. All those black spots are eyes that blink!

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They look a little like Zerg infestation, maybe a Starcraft reference? They don’t seem to add any other special affect. Are only DAHL weapons infested?

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those are the alien guns, you can also get them if you get 3 red vault symbols on Moxxi’s eridium slot machine


Yeah if you look in the weapon inspection menus and go over to weapon parts you will see where it is called a alien barrel all manufacturers can come with one and they change the projectiles depending on the gun type. rifles shoot a persistent laser beam, smgs fire exploding balls, shotgun fires a glob, launchers fire a large energy orb, snipers a single large beam, and pistols fire 6 rounds at once. Side note they always have a element as far as I have seen

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Thanks for the info peeps. It’s weird that I’ve gotten 4 and they’ve all been DAHL guns, but I won’t complain about alien guns :stuck_out_tongue:

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They’re the new take on Eridian gun parts, rather than pure tech like in 2 they’re more like bio-mechanical augments added on. Can’t say they’re worth it though, every one I’ve tried out so far has been lack luster with damage/fire rate and they chew up additional ammo for every variation.

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Do they all look like the weird wrinkly whale?

Or like a Cthulhu ass, as my younger brother described it when I sent him my photo of it.

I just found this in a random weapon chest (NOT a quest reward) on Athenas, level 21, during Ava’s “Invasion of Privacy” side quest.

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The dahl AR called a Mngwa or something like that, and maliwan interloper shotgun, are the only ones that are worth using.

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One of the best gun types in the game has this and they are called HOST shotguns. They come in different manufacturers I believe and in every element but at the end of the gun name it will say host…it shoots a mirv grenade pretty much that hits super super hard but the real power is the dot it has like 10x more elemental dmg then other guns …still searching for a legendary version

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I’ve got a Torgue AR in cryo that fires a massive spray even at decent range, and is actually pretty ammo-efficient. An absolute beast with Zane, I just put on my barrier and ooga-booga freeze everything and stay invincible forever.


Those are alien barrel/E-Tech guns. Nothing particularily unusual about them, they can come in I believe any rarity and just change the behavior a little. For instance, Torgue pistols with the barrel don’t have different firing modes but will instead fire a lot sticky projectiles with each shot that then blow up. There’s even a few legendary ones, like the Smart Gun XXL that can drop from Gigamind or the Malak’s Bane sniper Rifle you’ve got.
Nothing to really worry about, they just spawn normally and are sometimes pretty good.

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Guess Maliwan makes em too just got this from the Skywell 27 Typhon Dead Drop:

Hyperion Host Shotguns are by far my favorite Mob guns with Zane. He runs around throws the bouncing orbs and they just burn or freeze things as he gets back out. They also can make enforcers with their shields less problematic

Edit: I haven’t found an Interloper yet. That might change things.

Currently I’ve found: Blisters, Hosts, Mgnwas?, and an… Infection? Oh. And some Launcher type.

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I have a heavy weapon version that I just found and it’s stronger than anything I’ve ever seen. 5000+ X 2 damage. It shoots laser beams too, so there’s no lag between shot and impact, which is why I never use Rocket launchers.

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Holy crab apples!

My second flesh gun, alien sniper:

Maliwan Alien Incediary Shock SMG

VERY fun!

I realize now the level 13 Torque Oozing Carbunkle masher I had was an alien gun but I didn’t realize it til today and so I never took a picture of it before selling it. Dammit lol.