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Seem to be having an issue on the Kalash wreck mission with an invincible enemy, with the objective “Destroy all enemies.” Where do I report this?

Having major problems with DoK. I built a gaming rig a few years ago and it can handle any current game on a minimum of medium settings. However, for some reason, even though all of my video settings have been reduced to the bare minimum, the single player lag gets so bad that I cannot even pause the game after a minute of gameplay on the first mission. I have nothing running in the background and my other games work fine. Also, cpu and ram usage are both running steady at 30%. Any thoughts as to what’s causing this or has anyone else had a similar issue?

I’m also seeing terrible performance on a high end rig whenever combat begins that might be the same issue to Guidestone’s.

i7 6700
8 GB
GTX 980 Ti
Windows 10

it takes multiple clicks for the game to respond

my game keep s crashing…sometimes while playing sometimes while in menus…i’ve tried lowering everthing and it seems to work but nope…crashes again …i sent my logs by email…

I as well as many users have faced several lags in this excellent game, causing a bad experience with the game.
When the battles begin the lags get worse and the sound fails a lot.
The strange thing is that it is not weak hardware because it run Call of Duty Black ops 3 in great settings and good fps and in addition to other games heavier than HW deserts.

No matter if the setting is high or low, HW deserts continues with the lags and sound cutting in battle.
Please look how many people with good hardware complaining in the forum:


Are you going to fix this?