About the kill skill annointment

I was under the impression you needed ro get the kill with the gun itself, and that it went away after you switch weapons.

Turns out it applies globally to your character, and it just needs to be currently equipped when the kill happens. In which case you can just get in IB and get front-loaded damage that way.


First, not related but if you do a bunch of testing that requires the CaR I recommend using the Maliwan vehicle. Much less health, just a tip if you’re doing extensive stuff without skill points or proper elements.

Anyway, this interests me. A lot. I don’t have any guns with this at the moment and haven’t had a decent one drop in forever. I wanted to test it.

  • So you can’t cancel the anointment manually? Only by the time limit?

  • All guns get the bonus during the 25 seconds?

  • It doesn’t need ASE right? Like the 125 badass one does.

  • Have you figured out if 2 different weapons with the same anointment can stack the bonus?

As far as I know you cant.

Yeah! It seems like it applies to the character not the the specific gun.

It’s always active when the weapon is in your hand.

I dont know what this means.

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If you have 2 guns, both with that anointment. Get a kill with gun #1 and get the boost. Switch to gun #2 and get a kill, do you have 10% gun damage boost or is it reset?

It maintains the stacks.

Wait, it maintains it? Like it will keep it at 5%? That can’t be what you mean… Or will a different gun with the same anointment continue stacking?

This got confusing haha.

Getting another kill won’t reset it, so in your example you would have 10% gun damage for however long.
So yes it does what you want it to lol

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They are saying it doesn’t matter which weapon you are holding. 5% per kill regardless. Kill 1 swap to another with the anoint kill another = 10%, swap back to first one with anoint 15% etc. Maintains and continues as if you didn’t swap.

Did you test, killing with anointed weapon, swap to non-anointed weapon, get a kill with that - Curious if that resets it?


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That doesnt reset it either

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Ok gotcha. No longer confused, and very happy with that. Now I just need a bunch of weapons with this anointment so I can freely swap weapons and still feel like I’m using anointments.

So switching to a non-anointed gun doesn’t reset it but…

maintains it


Can someone summarize?

1)So the bonus stacks as long as your getting the kills with the annointment?

  1. The bonus carries over to other weapons?

  2. The bonus maintains and continues to stack if you get another kill with the same annointed weapons? Also the bonus maintains even if you get a kill with a non-annointed weapon(but does not stack)?

  3. The bonus only falls off after 25 seconds.

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Well…I need to check THIS out.

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Holy snap. That’s a lot more useful of an annoint than I initially presumed!

I have played with the annointment a little before, I really liked it on the Hellwalker for going on a tear. Thanks for sharing the info! Let’s see how to break it!

So. Let’s say I’m doing my Bear Build, but decide to hold a Wedding Invitation with this anointment (if someone were to have one). You’re saying Bear would stack this anointment up? So if I fell out, I’d have a puddle of bonus damage x reload?

Just verifying that’s what you meant.

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Jesus. That’s wild.

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Yeah, I started up a big thread, though not as big as my “can we not do a level cap raise please” thread, about how most of the anointments are damn near useless on Moze, due to her uncommon ASE time for Iron Bear. Whereas my FL4K and Amara can use a couple ASE anointments on gear and wreck. Meanwhile my Zane gets tons of bonus cryo from all his 100 cryo damage while SNTNL is out.

So I haven’t tried testing myself yet, but I’m still confused. If I have a weapon with this anointment in my inventory and I get a kill with it, the 25 second timer starts. This bonus is carried over to all of my weapons for that duration. Now, if I get a kill with another weapon that doesn’t have this anointment, are you saying nothing happens to the duration or the stack number? Meaning neither the duration resets nor does the stack increase.

Also, does each stack have its own 25 second timer, so they decay? Or on each kill with the anoint, does the new damage bonus (whatever stack amount) last for an entire 25 seconds?

Lastly, you’re saying holding this weapon and jumping into IB allows IB to acquire stacks so that when we jump out, we have however many stacks depending on the amount of enemies killed? Does IB also receive the damage bonus?

Sorry for the load of questions.

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It has to be currently equipped.


Yes. It literally works like drowning in brass and phalanx doctrine



This is actually a great FAQ post NGL