About the Luck Cannon

I was using the Luck Cannon to fight Eclipse & EOS today and noticed the Money Shot (for lack of better word) had some kind of B0re effect when used against EOS. Or his turrets, rather.

So for those that don’t know, the Luck Cannon is a 1-shot Jakobs pistol that has a chance to fire a Money Shot, a regular Luck Cannon bullet (with no buff) accompanied with a 400% explosive damage popping up. It seems that this explosive damage has an actual splash radius, I’m not sure if it behaves like other splash damage types and gets buffed by grenade bonuses. However, I do know more about the chance this Money Shot occurs: it’s based on the distance between you and the target.

Testing this in the firing range, I went up to the flesh target and ran as close as you can, this is a distance of around 935 (not sure what this number represents, must be something in game developing code). At a close distance, the console screen told me the “Chance” is 0.1337, which is 13%. I backed up as far as I could, got a distance of 3040 and a chance of 0.4349 which is 44%. For me, these are quite large chances, nearly 50% at decent distance which can be negated with Nisha’s Showdown and the Luck Cannon’s natural high accuracy.

But now against EOS. As most of you know, EOS is quite far up in the air, he distance between it and the player is very high. However, when I went into Showdown, I couldn’t auto-aim on EOS’s main body (you also can’t mark him with Laser Sighted as Wilhelm) (his hitbox works okay though). I’m not sure how The Unforgiven (richochet in Showdown) works with EOS, if he gets hit or not, but I do know that his turrets definitely get hit. I fanned the hammer at EOS, looked at the console and saw all 1s at the Money Shot chance, that’s 100%. Every time a bullet hit a EOS turret, I could hear the Money Shot sound, which means that you can legit ricochet Money Shots off EOS. They didn’t do that much damage though, as it seems armored enemies resist explosive damage.

In conclusion: the further away you are from your target, the higher the chance for a Money Shot to occur. You can bounce Money Shots to different enemies when they’re far away and EOS’ turrets are perfect for that.

EDIT: I used a Dastardly Luck Cannon (damage prefix) so I thought I might as well try the Two Fer Luck Cannon (double projectiles prefix) too, turns out the Money Shot 400% is calculated on the base bullet damage of the gun, I got 63K normal damage and 126K explosive damage, compared to 34K normal damage and 139K explosive damage for the Dastardly Luck Cannon.

So second conclusion: Money Shot explosive damage is higher with a Dastardly Luck Cannon but the combined damage is higher with the Two Fer Cannon, so I would imagine the Two Fer prefix winning in DPS since the accuracy penalty is negligible.


awesome thanks for the info!

I don’t know how you get these numbers, but I am very grateful to you for sharing this useful info.

Btw, according to my tests, the moneyshot damage is boosted by grenade bonuses, such as from bomber oz kit.

dang… now we need to find out if clear skies/ ack ack is better than bomber for eos… who knows the math for this?!

Good info man.
EDIT: It is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.
Im glad to see these kind of info, some info from famous youtubers is highly misleading -_- (dont want to drop names here).
About the B0re or pseudo-bore effect you can find more info here:

I have to agree, Bahroo said in his video that the Money Shot did 1080% damage and he didn’t even mention it came in explosive. It doesn’t matter that much, but it irks me a bit.

If you’re on the pc version, you can bind a key to pull up the console, you can find a few tutorials on the internet on how to do that. That screenshot I put in the OP is directly from the console.

Nisha’s Unforgiven skill works similar to Maya’s chain reaction. Bullets keep ricocheting between EOS’s body and it’s turrets.