About the new character select - wait time and loadouts

Currently, if you play a solo match, the timer does not jump to 5(?) like it used to. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a full countdown. Currently it starts at 30(?) seconds.
I usually pick everything I need in 5. Maybe add a ready button or something?

I also do not like how the tab instantly jumps to your skins after picking a character instead of your loadouts.
As far as gameplay goes, skins and taunts do not matter. Loadouts though? Well. And since the timer is now at a sad 30 seconds, you might end up being in a bit of a hurry to select all your stuff.
Pressing one button isn’t that much of a trouble but it’s irritating. There’s also the fact that you’ll need to scroll through 30 loadouts…You can also set taunts and skins as favorite and they’ll be automatically selected for you every time, while you’ll always need to pick a specific loadout or it’ll default to the first one.

And on the scrolling through 30 loadouts - any plans to tweak this (Maybe tagging loadouts as “general” and “for x character”?)


Especially since you can specify default skins and taunts for each character in the appropriate Battleborn character tab! The only reason to change it would be if you were going for team colours and had the wrong default picked.

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Question: why does it always skip straight to skins? I have to go back to loadouts to select one. It doesn’t go in sequential order for whatever reason

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I’ve trained myself to highlight the character I want to play then pick the load out and then I go back and pick the character.

I like to be the last one to select my character so it’s harder for the enemy to pick a counter to my poor little Kelvin.

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And this. What the hell is this? This is such a mess. Kelvin is cut in half, Montana blocking Deande completely. Everybody is too big and too zoomed in and without their personal space. I hope they tested this and said: “Oh, how cool is this “versus” screen!? We did a great job showing all the characters in their full glory!” … such an overlook.


Kelvin is also almost cut in half in his own battleborn screen. Poor stone guy.

Also, his new skins aren’t glowy at all which is a huge waste…

I’ll have Kelvin at level 20 today so I’m hoping a get something cool, maybe ice cold?

Ya’ll might see the problem here; two of them, in fact.

  • The chat is cut in half when in char select, and the text doesn’t even go into the chatbox, but below it. Only the last word of the sentence shows here.
  • The team preview images are on top of the character model previews, even though there’s plenty of space below them.

Also, Digital Deluxe golden podiums are gone. @Jythri that seems like a strange thing to do, innit?

It’s a bug. We’ve already fixed it internally, and they will be back in the next content patch.

Text truncation is also fixed.


Thanks a lot for the reply! I saw some confusion on the Steam Forums too, might want to make a post over there also?