About the "Next 2 magazines have X elemental damage" anointment

Now, does that mean, out of curiousity, that the next two magazines worth of ammo has the elemental damage, or what? Because if you’re firing, and say reload before emptying the mag, does that then count as the second mag? Just curious.

Magazines are counted by when you reload. So if you reload early you lose out on potential bonus, alternatively if you can extend your mag, then you get the bonus for longer.

Yeah, those are fantastic with Moze, since she can (if the anointment is on something with a magazine she can feed with her Bottomless Mags skills) basically get free bonus damage indefinitely.


Can that be stacked after every Iron Bear usage while not reloading and taking advantage to BM skill tree?

Curious because I’m starting to see good use of elemental mag bonus. If it doesn’t stack then darn

Speaking of this anointment, does anybody know if the added damage is based on the card or the hit? For instance, if you were using a fire weapon with 1000 damage and next two mags corrosive, how would it do against a loader bot? Would you get the incendiary damage penalty effecting the additional corrosive damage or would you get a bad fire hit but then 1000 damage of corrosive plus the damage multiplier?

Its based off the card, here’s a more detailed explanation.

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Thanks, the guide looks great :+1:

I have always been curious: does this anoint work with COV weapons, which technically don’t have a mag?

Yes. Simply think of the overheating mechanic as reloading. So long as you stay on the correct COV weapon and the extra damage will continue until you overheat the weapon twice.