About the Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece


It’s Literally just a recycled quest, with some new echo logs albeit but come on. It would be nice to have a new character at least or perhaps some different clothing instead of just putting another Mouthpiece in. That just screams lazy quest design, along with the fact that most of the bosses throughout the game are recycled enemies.

Just to name a few (Truant, Killavolt, annointed, etc.)

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Not to mention when you find the head in the jar. They recycle the place a total of three times if you count that. In the quest you mention Moze even says something like “Didn’t I already clear that place?” Exactly what I was thinking. Ellie replies with something like “don’t you want to kill more bandits?”. I found that bit of dialogue distasteful since it showed the writers knew how we were going to feel about it and they did it anyway. So yeah lazy quest is lazy.

wait till you get to Clap-tr4ps beta test

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In BL2 we had to rerun Southern Shelf, Frostburn Canyon, The Dust, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Thousand Cuts and many other maps, just because some sidequests wouldn’t be unlocked during main quests. It was terrible because the enemies would be underleveled in the rerun.

There was a lot of improvement in BL3 regarding that. Ellie even made a joke about it. I think the new Mouthpiece quest was funny because of the dialogues. The only issue is that the quest is still active after finishing the game, but that’s not a big deal.

Wasn’t that the whole point of the quest, a jokey reminder to players that they can re-fight bosses if they want? Pearls before swine sometimes, truly


That’s how I took it, a kind of meta in-joke to players about clearing the same map and killing the same boss, over and over.


I saw it as an in-game joke. Thought it was funny the first time I did it when Tyreen said “Well, you look and sound exactly like the last one so we will go with it.”
I guess I am easily entertained :slight_smile:


He drops the Mind Killer which is now one of my favorite shot guns. So. I’m happy about it.

Kinda annoyed that you have to do that quest to get to fight him, but, eh, is what is.

I think you missed the point. It’s tongue and cheek for the game play loop that borderlands has.