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Firstly I’d like to thank the devs for their hard work in the latest patch. I’m still trying it out but after reading the patch notes on Steam and then playing the game I have noticed a few changes which have not been included in the patch notes, for example changes to HW1 research ship construction times. This makes it very difficult to test some of the changes without first identifying them and also begs the question if unlisted changes were made intentionally or not.

Would it be possible for you guys to amend the current patch note list with a more comprehensive version?

Thanks. :wink:

The research ship changes is a bug, it’ll be corrected in the balance patch afaik.

The HW1 Research change was not intentional, and hence wasn’t part of the notes (because it wasn’t intentionally tracked into the branch). There are, and will be, times we choose to condense an item with many changes into a single line, etc. We’ve had this conversation before, with other patches. It’s not hostile - we just have to work, we track our work using a modern bug tracker, and we sort the things in the patch and then author notes - there may not be a ‘more verbose’ version to draw from, nor would we then burn time trying to make one.

The plus however, is that we are (obviously) very active on the forums - so if you see something, ask. Once the balance mods and such start proper, there will be WAY more changes, and patch notes won’t go into any numerical details. Partially because we are making # changes along with underlying code changes (aka the behavior may not change), or we don’t want to publish a diff of our own project. If this is a huge hindrance - ‘diff’ will be your friend.

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So apparently there was this big double time issue that was fixed that changed up a lot of thinks that caster units did time wise. I haven’t done any testing yet, just noticed stuff in game and had scole confirm one in another post. But I assume if you timed before and after, most if not all of the following unit caster times could have been effected:

Cloaks (gens, modules, fighters)
DFGs (I noticed this)
Repair units and effects
Drone frigates

GBX has already stated they don’t have the man power for patch notes at the detail some of us would like to see. Fortunately there are plenty of folks in the community who will diff it. Unfortunately it leaves us in a position of wondering if the changes were intended or not. But to Bit and Scoles credit, they are very responsive to question.

From HW2C to HW2R we doubled the frame-rate of the world-sim. Frankly, I’d have preferred 30 fps for the world-sim. But, this game is a CPU beast at times, and because of how the LUA is bound, and the sim is designed (one very long sequence, no room for parallel tasks) it’s just not possible.

When we doubled the rate, some elements weren’t actually designed correctly to do things ‘over time’ and just ended up doing double duty (both rates up, and rates down). So it was a bit of a bug-hunt to find and resolve them all.

Thanks for the clarification. Whilst you’re on the subject of the balance mods - are you guys aiming to have one by the end of the month or will it require much more time do you think?

I’d infered in the past that the sim ran at 10FPS in HW2, was that accurate? Meaning that the sim is now 20FPS?

We haven’t reached the point of setting a clear date yet - my move complicates things a bit, as does the just general sense that balance is a ‘when it’s done’ sort of thing. I can’t comment on exact timings regardless, in general.


Fixing the double time issue also halved capture rate for Marines/Infiltrators (back to HW2 classic speeds)

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Halved or doubled?

Halved capture rate, double capture time. It takes longer to capture things now. Which is good, because previously you could grab an undamaged carrier before a half dozen bomber squadrons could kill the two frigates. Not that that ever happened to me or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I assume, under the hood, the effect was each capture frigate added a “capture point” every worldsim tick, possibly multiplied by (1+(%TargetHPlost)*.01) or similar, taking the ship once the total of capture points had reached some number based on the target ship.