About the problem of guardian rank

You’ll be adding three new ones.
Last time, the reward skill unlocking requirement was 100 points for each type.
From 50, the fact that he was rewarded in 25 increments.
We can expect the requirement for this added skill to be 125 points.

There was a lot of talk about it the last time we added a skill.
The point is that high-ranked players above 600 have problems getting skill rewards.
Enforcer has a lot of melee grenade vehicles and other garbage rolls.
It’s rare for people to pour points into these things.
As a result, many people will have a hard time with even 100 point rewards.

If you want to swing points, but you have a high rank, you’ll have a hard time getting points and unlocking rewards.
The more avidly you play, the more you lose.

A player who has finished moving up in the ranks
That if you’re biased and you didn’t meet 125 points, you’ll never get the skill again.becomes

The ability to reset and reassign Guardian rank points is required.


i just hit 600 with more than 150+ each across 3 trees. so new guardian ranks is already automatically unlock.

i also have 15% melee damage. melee is lyfe!


I just hit rank 1002 so having 250+ in each. Will unlock everything automatically.

Jeez… I just realized how much time I wasted playing offline when that was a thing…

I’ve been playing since launch and have about 103 on each tree. It also feels like earning guardian ranks got a lot slower since 2.0 launched. The thought of having to get 75 more ranks, by which time, who knows, perks for 150 ranks might have been added, is a bit of a headache.

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Uh, if your GR is high enough, the perks unlock automatically. You don’t need more points to have them unlock.

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I had a similar issue with the last GR perks. After I got my previous “capstone” perks, I focused primarily on the survivor track. I had to grind to unlock C’mon Slam and the Elemental one.

And they changed it so bonuses with lower ranks show up more frequently, so you can’t really pick and choose. Sometimes there are no good options.

  • They need to allow for respec’ing when they add new perks.
  • Give us more agency on where we put our points.
  • Provide a smoother and faster way to spend the points. ’

Otherwise, why bother even making us spend them. Just have each bonus increase, either all together by a smaller amount or alternating between paths. Sure for people with 600+, all of the bonuses are probably pretty even, due to diminishing returns. But for me, I want more control. Especially if I need a certain path for a perk.

I mean c’mon, RNG in character development? I’m surprised they didn’t go with random hit point increases at each new level.

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It’s a somewhat similar to the implementation of BAR choices in BL2. The choices there are weighted towards the options that don’t have as many points in them in an attempt to avoid players putting all their ranks in to 1 or 2 perks and ending up with, say, massive health and damage boosts that would then trivialize the game. It’s also why there’s exponential scaling on the number of points it takes to earn the next rank.

It’s an odd balancing act - giving the player choice but at the same time putting limits on that choice through not-so-random options. I know a number of folks who prefer the BL1 weapon proficiency system, which rewarded consistent use of particular weapon classes up to a hard cap. The problem there is once you hit the cap, there’s no sense of progression any more.

I’m currently undecided on how I feel about the GR system. I do know I’d prefer more choices for where to spend the points whenever they are earned that just 2 per tree, along with the option to ‘undo’ at the time of selection.

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I prefer badass rank over guardian rank because it was barebones stats, no perks, and it sounded a lot cooler.

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I honestly wish I had thought to take advantage of the offline experience rate before the patches changed it to be permanent. Guardian Rank advancement just feels so incredibly slow and unrewarding compared to Badass Rank.

Yes, I played BL2 and I didn’t care for it that much either. But it didn’t “get in my way” for the most part.

And I get the idea of “trivializing the game”. BUT, diminishing returns prevents that. So I don’t need to be penalized twice, or have my choices taken away.

Honestly, if the bonuses are that big of a threat to the laughable balance of this game, then maybe they should have thought the idea through. Because there are anoints and new weapons that have a bigger impact on trivializing the game than a few GR points.