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Hello, and thanks for playing the Project 1v1 Closed Techical Test.

Please use this category to give feedback and discuss your opinions of Project 1v1.

(Michael Wardwell) #3

CTT starts this week! Very excited.

(Bioblazepayne) #4

So am I.


Well, here’s my initial feedback.

Play time: ~5 Hours.
Cards: All unlocked except Epics.
Rating: 226

Wow. This game has some excellent potential. I’ve played FPSs for ages, and I’m not a huge fan of Arena shooters or 1v1, but I actually enjoyed this one. Mostly because of the deck building. Now, its not much different than if you had specializations with randomized unlocks and weapon upgrades, but there’s always something so thrilling about opening a booster pack. The interface is clean and the matches are engaging. So lets go through the details GearBox wants.

-Easy of entry: Very nice loading in and out of games. No problems, quick in and quick out. Excellent.

-Main menu: Eh, Not super amazing, but tells the player what they need to know. The browser-like interface makes it easy to navigate, but lacks a little pizazz. (No worries, function over form for sure.)
-News: Always a good opening page.
-Hangout: A cool concept. Adds to community. I like it. I don’t like that even after I change tabs the audio keeps playing. Helpful if listening for the next match, but I’m gonna need a toggle button for that.
-Loot: mmmm I like the background and the look of crates. Solid opening animation and rewarding animation. I notice x99 keys. Which leads me to assume that keys are to be acquired by other means. If by playing more, sweet. If by purchasing, Not so sweet. Could get lots of backlash with the accusations of “pay-to-win”. Careful. Also, why limited amount of crates? Is this to prevent crate hoarding if the keys cost real life money? To encourage key purchase? A devious plan and a good business move, not going to generate a lot of joy from the fan base. Again, be careful, but its a good business move.
-Collection: Love it. Excellent page. Great ways to sort. Colorful is good! For the decks, two issues: 1. Every time I started a match while looking at my deck, the deck would return to blank after the match, so I would have to rebuild it every match. 2. The video starts playing as soon as you click on the card, not when you un-hide the video page. An easy fix for a clean interface.
Profile: ??? I do love stats.
Store: ??? Well, I hope its cosmetics to buy. No one (without expendable income (and probably your target market)) likes pay to win.

-Gameplay: Okay, its fast, its fluid, it feels great, but not for new players. Quagmire is a solid map that’s easy to navigate, but Heart is a mess. Lots of corners and too big for 1v1. Lot of the map that doesn’t get used because most players fight in the big open space. Feels like King of the Hill. The UI is clean and basic and certainly doesn’t obstruct gameplay. Biggest concern: Health packs. With consistent spawns they’re easy to control. Since they replenish so much health and are up so quick, it can be annoying to kill a player that recalls to health packs far from where the skirmish is. It’s a cool tactic for sure. But not a lot of fun for players that don’t follow suit. On the flip side, there’s a lot of luck that goes into random spawns and this game doesn’t have many chance mechanics (nice. skill focused) so it maintains skill>luck. Input: not sure. If you take them out completely the abilities that allow healing become really strong, or an out-of-combat regeneration system may work depending on time OOC and Health/Sec. Oh, I also dig the emojis. Like, I hate emojis, but its faster than typing and has more character than pre-canned phrases. You need a thumbs up one and a shrug. All-in-all. Satisfying game play. (Oh, I had one game where a guy just kept suiciding and I just sat on top of my turret waiting for the round to be over, that was annoying. Maybe a kill limit to end games faster?) Oh, and it’s tough to tell when I’m taking damage. Maybe audio queues or Better indicators. I used to play in a 1v1 ladder for MW2 and got real tired of the opponent getting 1 kill then hiding the rest of the match. I love that the players have outlines, and there’s no where to hide really. Helps keep the game moving.

-Cards: Yeah. Rocket Launcher and double jump to win.
-Shotgun: Nice on corners, Fire rate too slow to be useful. Would be realllly strong if had bonus damage vs airborne targets.
-Rocket: If you’re not using rocket, chances are you aren’t winning. Rocket’s rate of fire is high, damage is good, blast radius is good, and with no reload, anyone that wants to get anywhere needs to just play rocket. Rocket jumping and double jumping makes you’re self a near impossible target to hit especially with all the other weapons being so slow. (Hundreds of hours of TF2 brings lots of rocket jumping and double jumping experience, which feel like the essence of this game.) Only Downside to Rocket is its so good that’s all you’ll use.
-Railgun: I love the railgun’s concept. Riding railgun shots are entertaining and helps mobility a lot. But, unless the player isn’t airborne, its really tough to land the big hits. Probably a pick for Pros later on.
-Detonader: Expected faster projectiles to match the might of the rocket, nope. rate of fire is good, but rocket jumping enemies are gone before you have time to detonate. Grenade jumping is fun, but might as well use rocket.
-Tesla Coil: Handy for finishing off enemies and probably best bet versus airborne enemies, but with low DPS, doesn’t beat rocket. The ALT ability is really really strong when paired with Wall-Hacked enemies or finishing off foes peaking from corners.

-Cinders: Cool. Sneaking up and shotgunning guys is a blast. But, the game is too fast paced for it to be useful versus anyone that’s not using turrets. Good defensively, until you get hit by a stray rocket, or get temporarily revealed. Limited uses makes it not a strong pick.
-Meteor: Great in close quarters or as a finisher. Hadn’t seen it used a lot, and doesn’t synergize with much. Satisfying to use though!
-Human Flame: Really Strong, very hard to control. Balances well. Also a good recovery tool from pitfalls.
-Air Jump: If you don’t have this, you’re not mobile enough to do well. A must have.
-Mines: Eh. Too slow of reload time to do anything super useful. Wall-Hack is nice though.
-Phase Reverse: A awesome move to have and satisfying concept. Moves pretty quick so a little disorienting after use, and hard to pull off in such a fast pace. Could be more accessible if used a shield for rewinding, but why make the game any easier? Just a thought.
-Adrenaline: The only game of chance, but very strong. The cooldown is nice, and the speed boost allows for quick getaways, but the healing makes it worth slotting. The healing rate is so fast it is almost a shield. And for a low cost of 1.5 secs, its almost always activated.
Bubble Shield: definitely a skill based card. The duration is short, and but the damage reflected is nice. Great counter to Meteor, but useless vs sentry. Curious to see vs Excalibur.
Recall: Incredibly useful and a little overpowered. All it takes is to drop a recall next to a health pack and rocket jump to win most matches if you know your health pack timers that is. Which I will note, there’s something to be said about having some overpowered abilities in this game, and its really neat to see them pitted against each other.
Sentry: Yes and no. Yes sentry because it helps fight Airborne enemies easily. No, because there isn’t a good place to set one that won’t be totally useless. Very situational, but without any hiding places or real corners, not super useful.
Excalibur: Awesome concept. But, only lasting a minute with only one charge makes it underpowered. Sure the perks are nice, but if you use your Excalibur deck and end up on Heart, you probably wont find the enemy in time to make enough kills out of it.
Vampiric: Very Skill based. Its not easy to use, but really strong. Its easy to pull off, but tricky to maintain it. Evading enemies for the duration is really easy. B/C recall. Drop a recall on a health pack and hide on the other side of the map till they show up. Recall and heal, then rinse and repeat. If the player is good at rocket jumping and evading, its extremely overpowered with the self healing component. May need some tuning.

Overall I enjoy the gameplay and Feel of it. Not sure how well it will scale into higher levels.

Great work! Thanks for inviting me to try it out!


(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #6

It is US only so far?

(Valdestot) #7

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to CTT Project 1v1. I’ve played a few games so far and have some feedback.

  1. There is not a real “alert” showing that you have been hit/damaged unless you look to the left HUD health bar. It would be nice if there was a quick alert system like red flashing around your body to show that you have been damaged.
  2. You are able to take/steal health orbs even when you are at 100% health. Not sure if this was intended or not but if your idea is to prevent the opposition from taking it, I guess that is OK but some may see that as unfair?
  3. To accidentally die on maps without taking any damage when you are at 100% health may not be fair score wise. This can “power level” certain people if the opposition just wants to die over and over again which makes the game pointless.

Just some random thought so far but for a PreAlpha game, the programming is not terrible.

More to come later as issues develop.

(blackicedefender) #8

Hi everyone, I’ve played the CTT on a low-edge machine, it’s a core i5 6002U laptop with built-in intel hd 520 with 4 GB RAM, Win 10 64-bit version, so I can only make a decent 30 fps when the graphics are on 42% which is quite ugly but hey it’s fluid :slight_smile: I only have a bit drawback when matches starts cuz this machine trynig to load, so it’s hard to get the first kill, but most of the game it’s okay, running good apart from the visuals. I can say if you are on a business trip and you have a decent internet you can play some matches.

About the matches, right now I don’t like the railgun weapon cuz it has only 60 damage and I barely fire it again, most of the time I just missed because of the enemy aware and jump, send rocket barrage, grenades, etc and I need to run and change weapon. I know it’s not fair to put instant kill but I dunno, maybe it’s not a good weapon for that game type and speed.

Maps looking nice, but I hate pits when you can fall and give the enemy 1 frag, maybe it’s a challenge to not to fall and learn maps but I still don’t like it, are you guys really into it? It’s a good stuff?

Anyway, I like that game, keep it up guys!

Oh and one more thing, I think 5 minutes games are awesome, you just hangin there play a match or two, chat or making a coffee, checking your mails then play again, it’s cool :slight_smile:

(Big Ole Bingus) #9

Your number 1 point is like the first thing I noticed and agree that it would be very helpful.

(Big Ole Bingus) #10

Piggybacking your thread to emphasize vampiric form is OP. If the player lives and gets it, it’s GG. The healing is just too strong. Also, there’s little to no downside to failing to get it. If they find you and kill you, you’re out of 1 ability slot and they’re up 1-0. It’s very possible to come back from this, while taking a massive lead from Vampiric Form is much harder to come back from.

(Taarn01) #11

First of all the game in general is great. My only problems so far are the players blend in with the background almost perfectly. I love the look of the game though. My other problem so far is the matchmaking. People with vast more experience with the game being paired with people who are still figuring the mechanics of the game. Also why put so many charges on an ability. Cool downs work just fine. I’m sure this is just a technical test thing but about every other match my deck gets erased and I have to rebuild it. My last thing is maybe make an open arena. None of this closed in stuff like walls and passages everywhere. I love how everyone can get everything and do everything though.

(PeaceGod) #12

First of all I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in the Closed Technical Testing of Project 1v1, I enjoyed every minute of it that I could to the absolute fullest. There were a few things that I initially had questionable feelings about, so let me go over those quick.

I, as I can think many others are, am concerned about the keys in your Loot tab being purchasable to incite a pay to win feel. Another thing I was not too keen on is the subtle method of showing where you’re getting shot from, it initially was rather hard to identify until I got a better understanding of the map so I could identify where I was actually getting shot from. I don’t want something super blatant, but having something a little bit easier to identify with might make the newer players to this type of game have a more enjoyable experience. With the Sudden Death that activates when time runs out if the players are tied, having the battle pause to give players fresh spawns and hp would make the fights slightly more fair towards both sides. I have had it happen before where a Sudden Death will activate when either I or the other player were below 1/4 hp and immediately died afterwards and lost as a result. Lastly my main concern was some of the abilities and guns feeling clunky. The main few of these are Vampire, Excalibur, and the Bit Blaster. Vampire and Excalibur are both high risk, which I can gather was their intended manner, especially at the lower tier of MMR (<200 MMR). I never made it above 150 MMR myself due to my limited time to play the game, so I have no clue how they play out at a higher tier of MMR gameplay. The Bit Blaster is powerful, but the projectile speed feels too slow and clunky to make it an effective weapon. My initial thoughts were a slight increase to projectile speed and a drop to the damage it can output per shot, but again I don’t know how it plays at a higher MMR.

Other than these few things, I absolutely loved playing in the CTT, and I really hope that I can get another opportunity to play the game when it is further into it’s development. I love the fact that the maps have differing height levels which can provide the player a tactical advantage, while keeping them still open to the possibility of being flanked from a blind spot. The maps were I feel slightly too small at first, but I grew to like the size more as I accrued more play time. The card system I felt was an enjoyable way to spice up the game by giving the game another level of customization. I hope that in the future there will be more maps, more playable character models, as well as the ability for me to waste hours of my life in my Profile screen making everything just the way I want it. Keep up the awesome work!


(Ducttapegod62) #13

Although I like the mechanics of the game and the PVP aspect cards etc. I find the maps completely unplayable as you can not see what you are doing. The game has to highlight the enemy with a red glow just so you can see him. That is just poor planning if you ask me. Maybe its just all the maps are dark and red, and then you put in a player that is wearing red and black… If it wasn’t for said red glow, it would be impossible to see anyone or anything. No contrast. Call me crazy but I find myself screaming at the screen because its just feels like a psychedelic version of Unreal tournament. I have been a major fan of gearbox ever since borderlands resurrected the group, but this just feels like a rushed project with some leftover levels from previous titles. The replay value just isn’t there for me. More colors doesn’t equate to a good game.

I feel as though it has potential and I understand its a work in progress. The red glow just to see a guy and then the red glow goes away if he is kind of close to you makes the game extremely frustrating. I am ranting and I apologize, but I had to express how disappointing this game really is in its current state. Its just shoot rockets at each other then switch to a shotgun when he’s close and oh I’m dead cause I cant see the guy in front of me because he’s the same damn color as the map.

On the positive the game runs very smooth on my machine, which is enjoyable. The game caps me at 120fps and it never wavers. I am running a i7 6850 with a 1080Ti.

(Chrisaramos225) #14

hi there,

I really enjoy playing your game, its extremely fun and challenging if you get into a game with another skilled player.
I think that the game play is extremely smooth considering that i am playing with a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller. The graphics are downright beautiful, give whoever designed the maps a raise, i just love the way the two beta maps look. abilities are awesome but could use a bit of tweaking in terms of strength, as some are just a tad op, i’m looking at the turret ability in certain cases and the meteor.

here is where my problems start coming in,

As i mentioned before some abilities could be slightly nerfed and some buffed. I’m not talking total overhaul, just slight differentiation in damage output. Speaking of damage output, i believe that the characters (assuming you bring in more characters) should have a stat which shows how much Armour they have, so that players can see how much protection they have against damage, and to add on to survivability, (i dont like how limited health is to be honest). A great example of this mechanic is in the game: Warframe

Now on to my biggest complaint, the ability selection looks very similar to Overwatch. The ability PHASE REVERSE is basically tracers main ability, and METEOR is basically Phara’s special, and HUMAN FLAME is D.Va’s ramming ability (I cant remember the name). Now, as bad as that might sound, its not bad to borrow some abilities every now and then especially considering how limited FPS games can be as spectacle fighter types, but i just wish for more original abilities like CODE BREAKER and CINDERS, which i haven’t seen in these types of games before.

Moving on, i feel like your game is far too limited by its namesake, i feel like you can add far more to it rather than it simply being a 1v1 experience, that’s not to say that it should be just like other fps titles where every game is literally just team deathmatch or capture the flag, but more diverse in game types. A perfect example of this would be Dark Souls 3 multiplayer arena’s: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, deathmatch, and team deathmatch. along with this, I really do hope that you add a campiagn, rather than making another online multiplayer only game. i would love to see different characters have different types of story arcs, and upgradable, unchangable abilities for the campaign, depending on the character you play as. along with this making the characters join each other in missions, to give them relations with each other, such as friend or foe type situations. I know you guys can make it work, as your work in borderlands proves your experience in storytelling.

I know that this is alot of info to take in, so please just consider my review.
i really do enjoy this game and don’t want to see such an amazing potential get stepped on by the the competition, or worse: get totally scrapped as an idea in general. Please take this all into consideration and good luck on both this and Borderlands 3.

(Lucynets9) #15

I logged on to Steam, used my code and the notification I get is “Game is not available on your platform”. No where did this say it was PC only. I have a Mac and I would like to play.

(Dmckamie11) #16

I’m really enjoying the game. The cards allow for the ability to make different builds at will. I like that I can change from match to match, and not know what the opponent is using. The only complaint I have is that people can steal the health orbs from players when they don’t need them. Not a huge deal, and really the only “problem” I have so far. For sure, this is a game I really want to win, but have fun even if I lose.

(Horse Says Quack) #17

Continuing the discussion from About the Project 1v1 General Discussion/Feedback category:

It was a whole bunch of fun. I played it for a few hours with my friends. The customization of builds using the card system was jaw droppingly simple yet effective, and gameplay was fast paced and fun. we had a lot of interesting discoveries and funny moments with the rail-guns and shotguns in specific and we hope to see more of that same energy moving forward. My only gripe is that the overall sense of progression and the introduction of new content incrementally was lacking, even keeping in mind it was an early build of the game the feeling that the content was simply handed to you as opposed to being earned, was harmful to the replayability of the game. It is however, plain to see that with the core mechanics already in place and the addition of some new content, this game has the ability to be something very special. :sparkler:

(Ddd Dawg7) #18

I thoroughly enjoyed the testing as well. Does anyone know if this game is continuing development? Just curious, there hasn’t been any updates regarding the future of the game, although they do say it is top-secret. :stuck_out_tongue: