About the self-damage

So many weapons and grenades are multi-explosive and the self-damage is enormous. About half of the cause of my death are from self-damage. Especially, the new complex root is the worst. This is no fun at all.

I know there are some elemental-immune shields but they don’t cover all the elements and even if so, that would restrict too many builds.

I think we should have an option to turn self-damage on/off.(Perhaps, some people just like self-damage or wanna heal with their weapons with the transformer.)

And please, buff the “classical” weapons. It’s harder to hit enemies with them than such an explosive weapons but the reward(damage) is too low.

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I assume you probably use Moze as that is the VH who has the biggest problem with self-damage from splash weapons. However unless it was a Easy Mayhem modifier that removed self damage from splash damage, removing splash damage would be a bad idea.

Splash damage is really strong in this game, and one of the best bonuses to get on a COM or artifact. Besides the it being easier to hit enemies with splash damage is balanced out by being able to take damage when too close to the splash.

You can always use weapons that have splash damage that you cannot take damage from (Flipper form DLC3).

I think a better addition would be to allow Healthgate to work on self-inflicted damage. This way you couldn’t directly one shot yourself.


That would work. I admit it is annoying to die when using Amara due to DoT from self damage.

Self damage health gate would be amazing. Also I feel Moze could greatly benefit from some splash resistance in her skill tree.

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They could change one of the crappy anoints to something like Splash Resist, similar to the elemental resist anoints but for splash.

As it stands, the only VH I ever have problems killing myself is Moze, but when playing her I try to stay aware to what I am doing and using. All my VHs use Complex Root, but with Moze I am alot more careful with it and only use it for ranged shots.

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Nah, you just gotta make sure to avoid too many splash radius boosts and not fire the thing point blank.
Wanna know what’s actually the worst? Self-Igniting CoV ARs. There’s three of them in the game, the Pain is Power, Embrace the Pain and the Stauros Burn. They’d all be fairly decent normally and they are all entirely unusable because the self-ignition damage is based on the status effect damage on the item card, meaning that higher Mayhem versions will tear through your health bar in seconds.

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Yeah, I wish there was a fire-proof shield, like the Transformer is for Shock, to be able to use those guns.
Fire resistant anoint, and shields do help a little with them, but they would be alot more useful with a fire proof shield.

Sort of like the Alchemist used in conjunction with the Transformer…

Would be nice if the Ember shield did this. Perfect missed opportunity.