About the single PvP queue

I think it was a great idea. Putting everyone into the same queue not only means you’ll find games faster, but game modes vary. Yesterday I had a mix of face-off, capture, meltdown and incursion. Usually I would stick to incursion but since the queue is like this, there isn’t another option. I’ve grown to like the other game modes more because of this. It doesn’t seem like everyone votes straight for incursion when it appears either, which is great. It also means I can get more enjoyment from assassin characters on non-incursion modes. Overall I agree with what they’ve done and hope it stays this way.


I didn’t like the idea of a single multi choice queue back when they originally tried implementing it. I’d prefer to play the game type of my choice. I do understand the needs for it now though.

More than anything I’m saddened by the fact the player base can only support a single queue.


That’s most likely the main reason for it, yes. Since Incursion was the most favoured mode, it took away from the other modes. Only up until now did I realise how good the other modes were. So I have the new queue to thank for that at least.


Yup, some of us generally have a poor performance on Echelon. Also: some ppl got bored of Overgrowth. Also do mind that there are 3 options to choose from, while there are 4 PvP modes, and when there are 2 Capture maps and one Echelon, hope you get the idea.

Personally I still hate Capture maps and would play Meltdown all day. Maybe except performance crap called Outskirts. One time I picked this because “there’s nothing worse than Capture” and it immediately advanced through my “Top bad” to 1st place. Definitely, there’s nothing worse than that “thing”. Anyway, got mixed feeling about single queue.

I personally wouldn’t mind [that much] one queue as long as I get to choose at least download region, as game’s “Optimal” is rarely passable and lags+low framerate…
…well, this is my definition of gamer’s hell.


Single queue, are you McDonald’s?

Cuz I’m lovin’ it!

Seriously, great idea, Gearbox!

I played Random character selection in every match I played on Sunday and it was beautifully refreshing.

And I never got Ghalt once, thank God!


I have to admit that when incursion was in its own playlist, it was all I’d ever choose. However, since the new single queue I’ve been able to experience the other game modes more and have come to really like them. Meltdown even more so than incursion now. Capture still seems to be rarely picked though which is a little disappointing but I appreciate the balance of different game modes now as well as the variety of maps too so you’re not playing on the same one 3 times in a row.

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I still have separate Quick Match and Incursion queues. Is this not for Xbox?

Yes, the change was only made for PS4.

Man on xbox, people never get bored of paradise, and that map is the overgrowth of meltdown

I like all game modes and all maps. I’ll play anything but I prefer maps with lots of shards so I can use my more expensive load outs.