About the streamers only skin and heads

Please Gearbox, let’s not start with this.

Streamers don’t need to have special skins just for them. Besides, if you have to give them something special…at least give us “mortals” something as cool too?

I can understand that you want streamers to feel unique but damn…the only actually cool skins and heads in the game?
What about a weapon trincket for streamers? what about an echo skin?

or what about nothing? we all want those skins. please, give them to ALL of us.


Five skins (including above one) are still unobtainable in the game. It’s very bad from player perspective. The same is adding some customization items to outside services like Prime and still shows it in total count in game.


Damn and I believed that the skins are Wotan exclusive. I killed him only about 10 times so I wasnt sad about them bit dropping to me.

I guess the game has bigger fish to fry right now but i mean…i whould prefere to avoid these kind of problems too.

People can close an eye on 1, maybe 2 problems? starting to make preferences is the beginning of the end imo.

This was the problem with Battleborn. At one point the list of blatant bugs and issues got so numerous due to the lack of core balance in the games meta. The devs focused on champion balance and the list of bugs just kept getting bigger. With each new problem we eventually gave up on one that was 4 months old being addressed period. The people who kept playing Battleborn myself included simply accepted the game was far from perfect and would never achieve a what one would consider polish. I hope that this isn’t the case with BL3 but based on the amount of deflection coming out of the Borderlands show i’v heavily tempered my expectations for the future of this game almost to the point that I expect this game to never achieve the level of replayability, or polish that we got in Borderlands 2 by 2016. It would be nice but I’m not expecting it based on how rough things have been so far. Maybe the next Borderlands game made o Unreal 4 will be more polished.

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Don’t worry, in a week or two I’m sure they’ll nerf the skins into something ugly in the name of “balance”.

Jokes aside, I agree that this is a tone-deaf move that smacks of desperation on Gearbox’s part.

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Streaming is a blight on gaming. It’s unfortunate that streamers get elevated and pandered to.


Agree 100% been saying the same thing since the streamers got them and we been told time and time again that they are come or are in the takedowns but bugged,
Stop playing favourites or ur gona drive away the “normal players”.


i never knew that lol , why is this even a thing?

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I put i post about this the other day to noelle and tagged her in it still no reply regarding the heads someone replied saying they said we would be getting them but didn’t know when not really an excuse as it was on gbx official twitter page streamers need to be nerfed lol

The problem is that these count towards the total count.

So the average player effectively has to cheat to get full completion of the game.

5 broken skins
3 broken echo device skins
1 echo device skins locked behind buying a CPU
1 head locked behind being a streamer
1 echo device locked behind twitch prime
1 head that no one knows about (probably a future twitch prime reward)

It’s pretty dumb that Borderlands 3 is the only game I think i’ve ever played where completion of the game is literally impossible, and even if the bugs are fixed, I’m still missing out because I’m not a streamer and I can’t blow money on a CPU to get pixels in a video game.


Great point conrad and totally right

Streaming is free advertising for GBX… kids see people playing the game, then they want to buy the game. It’s unfortunate that GBX is offering exclusive items to them, but that’s why they do it.

There’s also at least one weapon trinket too I think that only streamers have, I believe it looks like the Warrior from BL2.


They’re taking a queue from Bungie, who treats the streamers as if they were gods. Sad.


Yeah, and then streamers makes clickbaited videos for more views.

Yes so glad i’m not the only one who noticed this killer six is the worst for it

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It’s more then that.

It’s not just any ol streamer gets this. This is a reward for thier stream team, these are streamers who provide content for the Borderlands official Twitch channel free of charge. For many of these people this is their job and they are effectively working for free, I don’t see the issue giving them a measly exclusive skin as a thank you.

This is the only issue with it.


But still 4 months later, and we are waiting for unlock for some customizations.

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Well that has nothing to do with the Streamer heads ( this topic ).

Also they fixed a bunch in this patch and:

If you can do it better, feel free to apply to work at GBX I’m sure they would love to bring on more talented individuals.

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