About the Super Deluxe Edition

Not entirely sure that I received everything or really anything at all, all I see is the Retro Skin and the Horro Punk skin but thats literally it, no starter mods for grenades for Shield, let alone guns, or gun skins ( Regarding that… Gun Skins??? )

Any advice is much appreciated!

Edit; Its in the Social Menu tab. Scroll to the right to see it and then you will have to click open on everything.


Under the download section it should show all 6-7

Under Download Section…? To of which/where are you referring to?

Go to the email box (last tab in your inventory) - you should see everything there waiting for you to accept it. Note that the weapons will be whatever level your character is when you click that “Accept” button. Once you accept them, they’ll be available in your inventory.

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Email box…?

It’s an in-game gear send-receive thing. Think like Shifty Sheldon’s in Concordia (TPS) but two-way. Just pop your inventory open and go to the right.

https://i.imgur.com/X8a7G8o.png where?

It’s in the Social menu

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Not that tab - keep clicking ‘C’

Inventory < Skills < Guardian Rank < Log < Map.

Where is this email tab you speak of my dude.

I was able to see my stuff, but I dont see the Season pass in my downloads, do you?

No. I dont

What stuff do you see other than the retro skin and skeleton skin cause Im trying to find where I get my guns, gun skins, trinkets, and ETC.

This is a pretty underwhelming launch so far. :expressionless:

Jordan its in the main menue (social)!! Klick this and open your mail!

Greetings wilmots

Sorry - was tired and got confused last night, and I’d already shut down the game so I couldn’t check. Arc and wilmots have it - hit the menu button to pause the game and go to the Social menu.

What platform are you on?

Found an article that describes the steps, but I haven’t tried it myself.

and a video

I Play on the PS4 and I don’t see it nether.
As well as I can still click on the download button at the shop, but if I do nothing happens
Any one some ideas ?

According to SHIFT, “look for these items to appear in the Player Mail (and at the current level) of the first character you load after unlocking this.”

I’m also missing season pass bought the super deluxe edition physical for Xbox it has downloaded all the skins and guns but no season pass

Got all stuff but not the Season Pass :thinking: