About the Super Deluxe Edition

The pre-order/deluxe bonus items might be delayed a day or two. I can’t verify this but i’ve experienced this with other games before.

You WILL get your content.

Ok, so others aren’t seeing that they have the season pass either. I was worried it was just me. I was able to download everything else the Super Deluxe version came with, for my Xbox One, but not the season pass. When I look at the store, it’s still saying that’s the one thing I can purchase, like I don’t already have it. Hopefully they fix this soon to give us all some peace of mind about it.


As far as I know I haven’t heard of anyone receiving their Pre-order rewards. It may be that they just aren’t vocal on theses forums. Could probably do some searching around. All I’ve heard was the VIP Rewards being available to some people.

To get your preordered items, you need to open the main menu in game. Go into social and tab over to the mailbox.

If you’re on Xbox make sure you check ‘manage add-ons’ on the home screen.

Yeah I checked that listed all add on except season pass

Yeah i did also buy the super deluxe edition physical and i have everthing exept the season pass

Honestly I’m at work right now so haven’t actually played yet lol, I’ll try when I get off but the suggestion was just something I’m seeing online

So is this you confirming that YOU received your pre-order items!?

Can anyone confirm this?

Yes I have all gifts preorders and vip
Pause ingame, goto social, R1 over to envelope and collect your swag

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That worked for me last night also.

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Jep all in game in the envelope but no season pass

Received all pre order content for super deluxe BUT the season pass. Had to keep going to “manage game add-ons” on my Xbox home screen to download everything but that, a little nervous. Still upset I didn’t get my legendary Maliwan for the 8 vip weapons. Tried everything and sent gearbox an email, hopefully they help me out .

I did get some weapons what are lv 10, in my inventory

I’m on PS4 and I think I saw season pass, but considering the time until extra content I’m not to concerned

My game glitched and 2 guns a shield and 3 grenades mods are all marked legendary with no name and no to low states i am on the ps4 all the skins and everything else showed up but the toy guns are not there the butt stallion grenade mod is missing i am really annoyed by this

You’ll need to file a support ticket to register a bug report over the stat-less and missing items.

Yes I think I have all my preorder stuff from what I saw(but honestly haven’t collected the Weapons or shields yet to know if they work).Most people (that I have talked to) that claim they dont have some things, are only supposedly missing (weapon) skins/trinkets. However it has so far just ammounted to them not knowing how to install them, because those have their own hidden inventories. That may not be your case but I hope it is.

To see your weapon skins inspect a weapon in your inventory then press the correct button to change it’s skin. (Not at home so I can’t load my game to say witch button).

To apply a trinket move the cursor to the blank square next to an equipped weapon in your inventory. Then press appropriate button to add a trinket. (Iirc it is A on the Xbone.)

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Hi everyone new here, I bought the super deluxe edition on xbox one in the UK and I don’t have the season pass showing as purchased, everything as is showing but not the season pass.

Is this a glitch on Microsoft’s side ?

I’m having exactly the same problem. Super disappointed. Checked through all the suggestions and no dlc season pass :frowning: I hope it resolves itself for tomorrow.