About the unreleased 'Luxy's Space Adventure' dlc for TPS

Here are some videos by Hayder Hype on the matter.

So i was wondering,do you think some of these ideas should be recycled for Borderlands 3 ?

I must say,i really like the raid boss they were planing for that dlc,a big tentacled cthulu mythos inspired creature with separate rocky platforms would have been an interesting fight,especially since I myself am a fan of HP Lovecraft works.

What do you guys think ?


Sure - I’m open to more content, and that looked like fun. That raid boss looked more like a plant monster to me.

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Joltz take on this.

It look more like a bigger version of those Shub Niggurath’s you encounter in The Pre Sequel wich are actually inspired by the Chtulu mythos.

Im talking about those things : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amozm9ayV4U