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(Frolic) #2

Unpopular opinion: hes a great Hero. i think if you come from shooters (PC), his skillshots arent that hard to land and hes a fantastic DPS hero for early game squishy-killins. however, ive never seen anybody do as well with him as i have- at least in the beta. what are the reasons people are having issues playing him?

(Iggyjudd) #3

I love Whiskey Foxtrot. He is my favorite character, but not because he plays well or is easy. I think his “Easy” key word should be removed. If you play him with the mindset that he is easy, you will not do well with him. He doesn’t do enough damage for you to play him without understanding how to make him succeed.

I don’t know if he needs a buff, but there are a few things I would like to see changed about him.

First, I am fairly certain that Overdrive has a duration, if you don’t spend all of the bullets, he will still end his Overdrive eventually. I might be wrong, I’ll have to try again with it to confirm. But, if this is the case, it should be removed.

Second, when you are in Overdrive you have the ability to throw your Sticky, but you cannot use Flak Cannon. This seems like a mistake, I can’t understand why you could use one by not the other. I would like to be able to use both during Overdrive. It would be very useful, not game breaking, but useful.

Thrid, the Flak Cannon currently needs to be double tapped in order to fire. A single click will open up the barrels and the second click will pull the trigger and fire the shots. I understand why this works this way, but I think changing it to be a single click should be done. Whiskey does not need the extra down time between shots.

The Flak Cannon’s damage is poor. I don’t really see it as a damage dealer, I only use it with the push back in order to escape. It would nice for the damage to be boosted, but I don’t know if it’s needed. It just feels strange, the Flak Cannon is completely useless without investing in 2 Helix options. Push Back and Flak Bank.

The first three changes are not really going to make him super powerful or anything. It really just seems like some overlooked issues with his game play. He might still need a buff, I’m not sure. He’s a very weak character at the beginning, but he is very good late game. Personally, I’d prefer to opposite, but my preference.