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When I went to sanctuary and went to my vault I lost everything in there including my vip and super deluxe edition items. I farm all day for nothing apparently and wasted a lot of money on those items. So if there is any way for me to get my items back that would be great.

I’m editing this post because I lost my entire vault for a second time. This is getting out of hand

Problems with Xbox one x where players over exceeding their max guardian rank to over 1400+ after patch needs to be fix, can’t even play the game without having it to crash for every enemies killed…right before they die it crashes and lag for very long time there should be a system where we could respec our tokens so you won’t ever exceed your guardian rank…

When I was playing tonight at lvl 33 I went into my vault after playing with my wife on split screen. I had her leave as I was going to store some weapons and I saw that my weapons some legendary (10-15) and purple weapons were all gone. I logged out, got back on with her, and restarted my Xbox. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do. I lost the super deluxe material I payed real money for and I also lost hours of hard work I spent getting those guns plus the keys I had to get a lot of those guns in my vault. I can’t trust the way I store my weapons so how shall I keep playing if I have no room to continue. Hopefully someone can respond and help because this is quite irritating

I’m editing this post because I also am losing my hard earned skins( heads and skins) someone please fix this. This should not be happening

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I am having an issue with the coop level balanceing not working at all. I am level 50 playing in my wife’s game who is on her 1st playthrough and at level 38. We are on Cooperative and all the enemies and loot are coming up her level for me. From what I understand the level balancing is supposed to make the level of the enemies and the loot match the player not the host in cooperative mode.

Are there any plans to resolve the crashing issues on Xbox?


Guardian rank won’t work for my game. It stopped working ever since maliwan take down started.

When I press start at the main menu of borderlands 3 it crashes and sends me back to the Xbox dashboard any solutions?

So I just hit level 65 and I was getting loot I had played all day and had a lot of great loot and all of my progress is gone 5+ hours wasted all of my stuff gone my monarchs my lucians call all of that that I had is gone

My gamer tag is CarbonOreos I would like an explanation for why my stuff is gone