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IMPORTANT Trading Info: Please read before posting:

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Welcome to the new-fangled Gearbox forum trading category!

For those of you who may be new to the trading forums, there’s one thing I’d like to make note of before you continue on your loot hunting adventure:


These forums are not the place to arrange nor offer the duplication of gear. It is a blatant exploit of the game and is prohibited to be arranged on these boards.

As per the forum rules :

*On game modifications and modified content- The discussion of modified, custom and user-created game content is acceptable so long as the discussion and materials do not violate the Terms of Service or Terms of Use for the respective platform or platforms, do not violate copyright, do not involve the duplication of in-game items, do not negatively affect the multiplayer experience and do not provide an unfair multiplayer advantage.*

Please click here to read more of the The Gearbox forum rules.

If there are any questions or concerns, please PM one of your friendly neighborhood Moderators or Administrators :slight_smile: