About Thingy rocket luncher

Where the freekin hell did this luncher go Iwajira isn’t dropin it been to him 80x

He still drops it, but it’s much more rare now. Believe me, I understand your frustration, I farmed him many times while leveling Athena, though I wasn’t looking for the Thingy, but new Hails.


thankz gonna stick to torrents then. Meg has higher chance to drop already got 1

I’m more of a Nel/Skullmasher guy myself

Torrents were my go to grinder fodder in TPS keep farming her she’s easy to get to and she drops like candy and that was before the drop rate buff!

i like to hit drongo for fatales. he drops them easy enough, he dies pretty quick, and the chumps he hangs out with are just that: chumps. farm him in under a minute if you’re quick. one shot kill, maybe one and a half, but who’s counting?

The thing with drongo is sometimes the Fatale flies up into space unless they fixed that bug

Haven’t seen it fly away. I know it used to. But I think that a lot of fly away items have been patched, given a bit of weight so they don’t just blow off map. Though money, and moonstones do sometimes shoot off, in lootsplosions.

Ya I was mad when it happened to me you really have to look for it it goes so fast

Last one I got to drop was back on February 1st.

While farming for some better loot for my jack today, on the firs UVHM kill.

I went farming for a thingy once and instead he dropped a badaboom, But I understand where you’re coming from, even though he is supposed to be a super easy source of grinder fodder he is always super stingy with me too

Even I have to say that Iwajira is a stingy douche. Since his drop rate is very different than the others since his nerf, the drop rate buff probably didn’t affect him which should be why he still barely drops anything.
It’s pretty disappointing but Iwajira is pretty much only good for the random stuff he drops now