About those tie breakers

Disappointing end to a 3v5, is this really going to be a thing now?


There seems to be a lot of trouble with the new tie breaker system, very glitchy. We shall see where it goes


I had a similar issue.
My team, consisting of @pokapoka and a few other friends I play with regularly, scored better in all stats; more kills, less deaths, more assists, more damage dealt, less damage taken, the list goes on. I think they beat us in healing given and buildables built but, somehow, we lost due to number of stats won.
I’m uploading a video to share our experience, I’ll edit the post with a link to the video once it’s finished.

Edit: Here’s the video (warning, cursing is present): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzak0580PyI0dnlaZlozQVFEVEE

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Loss by first blood? I’ve never seen that. This is what I got when we lost 50-50 and our team had overall better score

It kindda made sense before the Winter Update, at least you had an actual “Score” stat in the player tab. Post-Winter-Update, I just assumed the team that had the most totals highlighted in blue in the in-match player tab would win if teams’ sentries had equal health.
That, however, doesn’t seem to be the case based on my video. I’ve yet to figure out how it’s calculated now.


They got a sentry kill in their stats, while your sentry kill was taken by an NPC. Might be that the stats is only counting that one. (This would also explain the sudden rise in first blood tiebreakers as its very likely that both teams end up with the same sentry kill stat - 0 or 1)

(Btw, they won you on the healing given stat, 136k vs 38k)

Well, if we lost strictly based on whether or not an actual player got a sentry kill, not a minion, (which is basically an RGN with the usual clusterf**k going on at the sentry) and healing given then, that seems a little ridiculous lol.
In starting to think there is a big or bad math going on here…

It’s most likely a bug - scottv mentioned as much in another thread.