About to farm Tremendous Rex so that I can farm Graveward

What’s the recommended mayhem level?

I kinda need a decent Maggie and lyuda so that I can farm m4, so m4 is a no-go.
M1 didn’t yield any results when I last tried it.

Unless recent patch or hotfixes did something with dedicated drops it’s probably best with mayhem mode turned off as the loot modifiers for mayhem mode didn’t appear to effect the dedicated drops and boosting the world drops could cause them to push the dedicated ones out making them appear less often.

I would just farm Graveward. The maggie and lyuda are both world drops and he’s one of the faster legendary drops per minute in the whole game.
If you’re on PC, I have a number of both that I can just give to you.

Yeah I have been, just trying to get things that will make it go faster.

Can anointed legendaries still drop in TVHM M0?
I’m on ps4, but thanks

Much less chances for stuff to be anointed the lower the mayhem.

Based on my testing farming Gigamind, turning on Mayhem increased the likelyhood of getting an anointed Dedicated Drop, but higher levels made no difference in your odds, so farming at Mayhem 1 was as good as farming at Mayhem 4.


Really? Damn…

I guess at least with M4 you will be getting more legendaries. I wish they would increase the annointment rate a bit.

I got a couple of good ones. A cryo shredifier with a Digiclone ammo regen anointment, and a corrosive/rad projectile recursion with increased projectile speed anointment.

No anointed Maggie or lyuda yet, tho

imho gigamind is a faster grind then graveward (at least for zane as he can constantly freeze him)

for some reason what ever weapon i use on graveward i’m not realy that fast with killing it :frowning: (could be the lack of decent stacking anointments and playing zane)

dropped a few maggies but no anointed ones :frowning: (gigamind is great for classmods though, he drops one allmost every time for me -> for all VH’s)

With Graveward, I run Fl4k with a Lyuda. Leave No Trace helps me regen ammo and I decimate him in about 20 seconds (no crit swapping cheese). I have annointments on grenade and shield plus 30% sniper damage on Bounty Hunter class mod.

Annointments really make a huge difference in M4

Do you still have a maggie by any chance annointed?

I think I have a 50% corrosion ase one in the bank I believe. I traded away my 100% ase one a week back.

Btw better choice to farm if you have the moxxi dlc to farm m4 grave ward quickly is lucky 7 it melts grave ward stupidly quick with crit and 7 shots together