About to give up on Conductor mod

Well, I had created a second Zane for experimental purposes.
Was intrigued by the Conductor mod from DLC2 and tried to build around that. Results have been mixed and am starting to consider moving on.

Has any of the more professional Zanes out there been able to do anything with this mod? I like the idea of having a second element mixed in with Cryo, but it just does not seem help anything at the higher MH levels.
Just curious if I am missing something with this mod or should just shelve it.

It depends on what you mean by “help … at higher MH levels”. Do you expect it to lift a weaker weapon to the challenge? Do you want enemies to die in just a few shots? Are you otherwise those few weapons that rock MM10? Are you mobbing randomly across planets or are you doing time trials in the True Maliwan Takedown?

As an unprofessional Zane player, I just took it through Athenas at MM10 and it was fine: using a burly O.P.Q. System, taking my time behind cover, spent several magazines for some of the Cartel Underbosses and Badass enemies, less when kill skills were up… It would surely be easier with a Seein’ Dead, and I’m not sure the Conductor would help a MM0-locked mission weapon do much more. :man_shrugging:

Frankly I like it (at reasonable levels for me) because all the perks are on-point for this character: the buffs hit my weapons right, and it’s all Action-Skill duration modifiers are nice for the few weapons I have with, “while SNTNL/Action Skill is active…” anointments, but I make it a point to rotate COMs out regularly to keep things fresh.

To clarify, he is using OPQ, Yellowcake, Kaoson, and Hellshock.
Athenas was ok at M8. DLC2 not so much.
His DPS is weaker than expected to me. Running Drone and Clone.

I am just curious if other people have done something with this mod. I have been trying different things, wanting to try something besides Seeing Dead (my other Zane).
One thing I did expect, but does not seem to be the case, is that shields would go down on enemies quicker. Not a noticeable difference. Now that I think of it, I may try an Electric Banjo Artifact. Haven’t tried that yet.

I also have not seen much out there for guides or builds using this mod just for ideas.

Playing with mine atm for a boss killing type build along with varying rocket launchers, fish slap and cut purse with heavy weapon damage.

Haven’t run the build with another class mod so couldn’t state if it’s better or worse but like yourself I want to make it work… For something at least.

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Cutpurse is another are I need to look into.
Ran 100% out of ammo against Wendigo at M8 and he still had 35% health left …

Ask and ye shall receive

I think fire redistributor and other ricochet weapons with cryo anoint are your way to go. Pair it with all rounder barrier, CCC and seein red, old god and ice breaker artifact. try to get a good conductor with as much borrowed time as possible and you should be fine.
It’s basically and old ccc build with build in shock damage, though. At least guardian rank 200, since you wanna have the damage stacking, shield recharge on kill and harmageddon.

Would be my guess. What did you try?

I need to use more ricochet weapons. That will help alot. I use CCC but also went down for the Double Barrel capstone. Will be cutting back on the red tree and go to Seein Red Capstone in Blue.
I know Redistributor is the Goto for Zane, just have never had one. Now that Wotan’s drops sound like they are fixed I will be farming for one. Just got irritated with Wotan’s lack of Takedown drops and stayed away from the Takedown for a while.

Even though the above posted videos were Pre-MH2.0 I did get some ideas to pursue.
I have no problems freezing targets but after that it has been feeling the bonus shock while my AS are up is not performing as well as I thought it would.

Thanks for the vids. Even though they are Pre MH 2.0 I do see some areas I need to work on / fix.

it is nasty with bonus cryo and call guns but since current mayhem scaling is heavily skewed for all the guns exept for dlc 2 and myahem 6+ exclusives it just does not show that much. it is a good come to abuse games coding of bonus elemental damage and ricochates but you can always take easy rout with seein dead.

just sayin tho if u wanna go here and be that guy who does recursion? OOF bonus cryo +shock +fire or corrosive on gun will fux things up. for decent mobbing call guns can still destroy. for cov and harder content it is a bit tough.

Yeah I think MH2.0 has kind of diluted things a bit. I re-specced yesterday and now M8is quite comfortable. Still need to get some other weapons, and hoping when MH is more balanced things will improve for this.
I already have a seein Dead barrier clone zane.
Just want a non-seein Dead Zane.


Executor still holds water decent. Hopefully with the re-vamps coming some of his older, less desirable mods gain some traction as well.

I levelled him up using an Executor. Worked fine there.
Outside of Seein Dead, Zane does take a bit of adjustment to be able to do anything in the higher MH levels. Alot of gear dependency. I do hope they make some adjustments to his skills to allow for other builds to work and be fun, not just sort of work…

They need to do that to a lot of VaultHunters sadly. Who knows what will actually get adjusted and what GBX is like,… ehhh “F*** it…”

You might want to try Barrier / Clone. This is the build I use and I can do M10 just fine with it : https://bl3skills.com/operative#500535110111310000000000053301511130131

The skill points on the top tier are going to depend on how well you conductor mod rolled. But just weapon crit damage for and damage reduction has been a good enough roll for me. The pearl also helps.

I use 2 sandhawks (usually fire and shock but I have all elements depending on what 2 are best for an area), a Kinetic Kaoson, and a Hellshock/Multitap/NoPewPew/ Monarch depending on the area. None of them even have offensive anointments outside of my 300/90 Kaoson and my barrier crit multi tap.

For bosses I’ll swap out the last slot for an SR8 execute to stack 300% damage and burst the boss down with a sandhawk. They just have to much health to sit around and twiddle my thumbs hitting them with other guns.

Its just that well ur limited on what you can use and get optimal dps as all his skills are kill skills without seeing dead which is sad.

The bulk of ppls damage comes from the unnoticable constant proccing of playing dirty which is essentially DOUBLE DAMAGE. and huge fire rate increase skill. Without it youre limited to just heavy damage weapons make every shot count. So you can get a kill in. Its a flat 25% damage increase but well… Seeing dead is a beyond flat 100% dps increase.

Making any com more viable than seeing dead is very hard. I wish ya luck. Ive done it myself with clone barrier. I play sntnl barrier /standard hitman for the obvious reasons.

Its just the damage isnt there enough on mayhem.

But i mean anyone can work with rad 150 anoints and be fine. So itsa. Rad 150+25 electric build id say that can Work best. Ive done it.

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