About to start my first ever UVHM Playthrough... a little help?

For starters:

  • XBONE Handsome Collection
  • Level 51
  • Mechromancer

So I just beat The Warrior on TVHM and began PT 2.5 but realized I was a level 51. I know that UVHM scales all the enemies to your level, so I became worried as I only had level 50 guns.

However, I still want to do the ALL the DLC and hopefully farm for the Bee or Unkempt Harold (I have both as level 30s). Sadly, I believe that doing this will get me to FAR above level 50 and I don’t want to be overleveled.
Is there a way to obtain higher level gear in TVHM so that when I begin UVHM I won’t be destroyed? Or am I maybe overthinking this?

I guess to put it into bullet points:

  • I am not ready mentally to begin UVHM, however, is it the best thing to do?
  • Can I obtain higher level gear so that I can do the DLC and continue to farm in TVHM without getting overleveled?
  • Are there any strategies or tips/tricks I can do to make UVHM easier without immediately starting the story?
    • I heard that I can somehow to the DLC prior to the main story in UVHM and level up that way?

As you can tell I am a complete noob and could use any help I can get! I have googled a LOT of stuff but I never found it exactly helpful for my questions.

Thank you in advance!

DLCs 3 and 4 will go up to level 55 in TVHM, so all is not lost. You can grab some of the rewards from DLCs 1 and 2 without levelling up too much since XP gain in TVHM drops off dramatically past level 50. You can simultaneously start UVHM (you can switch between modes by hitting “Y” at the main game menu and re-selecting your character; you can then choose which mode to pick up in.) If you want to, you can then hit DLCs 3 and 4 in TVHM while you’re on your way to level 55 in UVHM.

You’ll want to check out this master thread for UVHM, and then the character-specific ones linked from it:

That will help with mentally preparing for UVHM, and help you decide what to look for.

When you start UVHM, you can use the Fast Travel in Claptrap’s place (or the one in Liar’s Berg once you get the power on) to travel to the starting location for any of the DLCs in UVHM. Personally, I would only do that for DLC 2 (Torgue), since that will allow you to unlock Pete’s Bar (for levelling) and the Torgue vending machines (for a good way to get new gear periodically). Otherwise, whatever you want to do in whatever order. You MAY WELL want to save certain mission (DLC1 Sand Hawk) and side quest (Pimpernel, Heartbreaker, Rubi, …) rewards for when you’ve hit level 72, but you can do pretty much everything else.

Oh, and you’ll find plenty more useful information on builds, gear, tactics, and much more in the Borderlands 2 category area of the forums.


Thank you so much! That was extremely informative! I think I am about ready to start UVHM. Thanks again!

You should post your thoughts in the “what did you do in you recent BL2 session” thread(s). I love hearing people’s first impressions of UVHM.

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Will do!