About "uses X ammo per shot" weapons

Ok, say you have a gun that holds 4 ammo, and uses 3 per shot. That last shot, does that still get the same full damage amount?

Like the man said, I only speak two languages, English and bad English.

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Well I speak his language and what he wrote has nothing to do with your question it is a completely unrelated request

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I dunno what he said but lets say clip is 4 and ammo consumed is 3. They both will do full damage with the 2 shots however, the other 2 rounds are pulled from your ammo pool on the second shot.


Yes it does full damage but it also pulls the remaining necessary ammo from reserves and uses the full ammo amount as well.

This means if you can regenerate ammo fast enough back into your clip (through skills or a shield absorbing it etc) it will stall your reload. As long as a single round goes back into the clip before a reload is triggered you can continue to fire full power shots.