Absolute Best 5 Character Team Comps?

Ok, so, given completely experienced players who have complete communication with each other sbd who know how to wring every last drop of performance out of their characters, which 5 Battleborns compose the best teams out there and why?

The more detail the better, please!

I’d prolly run something like:

El Dragon

If you can’t win with that I don’t even.

Boldur, miko, ghalt, thorn, orendi. For incursion at least thats what I’d want

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But can you odd?
I think a five Kleese team is death, especially if they move as a pack.

In all honesty, it depends on the game mode. Since incursion is the most popular mode, unfortunately, the five-man team above is up there, but you could run any other team that complements each other perfectly, like Gali, Ghalt, Reyna, Shayne, and Kleese.

For meltdown, the best teams are ones with two characters that can clear waves in seconds with a single skill or round, any combo of Orendi, OM, Thorn, Toby, and Benedict (I am probably missing one or two) and the other three characters would be a combo of support and assassins. Like an Alani or Ambra plus a Rath or Pheobe.

For capture, you just have to be more coordinated than your opponents.

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Two very similiar teams listed so far.

What’s the reasoning / synergy behind them?

Based on the teams that myself and omni posted, strong frontline presence with boldur and miko/Reyna supporting, orendi and/or thorn for wave clear, though I think if you can clear thorn up to be able to attack enemy BB it maximizes her potential. And then somebody with great kill secure being ghalt/el dragon. I know I’m talking about incursion and I’m pretty sure he is as well.

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Not sure, but maybe:

A awesome tank and probably one of the best end-game characters (Boldur)
Two ranged DPS with incredible minion wave clears and very hard to hit characters (Thorn, Orendi, OM)
A support/healer (Miko, Ambra, Reyna, Alani)
A good DPS to score kills, push enemies back and control the lane (Ghalt, El Dragon, Galilea)

Talking about Incursion, for sure. :slight_smile:





Can I odd?

Do people not know what / means anymore?


Nah its just a combination of the best characters you can pick. There’s some synergy there but honestly they aren’t picked because they have some masterful synergy that makes them good together.

Both Orendi and Thorn have the best burst in the game.

Boldur is the best tank

Thorn has the second best push (Mike’s laser)

El Dragon probably has the best scaling assassin potential (If he gets an En Fuego dragon splash who ever is in it dies.

Miko and Reyna are prolly the two best supports (could sub ambra maybe)

You could sub maybe any one of ten something characters and be fine.

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Reyna for support over Ambra?



I should give Reyna another go!


Can anybody beat that?

Answer: Anything and everything can beat that.

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To paraphrase Mordecai:


I actually lost against that in meltdown. We were leading the first part but then on the second half they were just becoming unkillable, and we couldn’t pass a minion due to the increased waves clear they had after level 5.
Well it was before the wound change and before alani/miko nerfs, but still. T’was also before Kleese and Reyna/ambra buff so…
It was random players on our side against a premade, and they were clearly well organised, but we had the luck to get a Galilea among our 5 characters. Who didn’t thought it was a good idea to take wound related helix, it seems~

Ambra’s healing is at best, reactive - she’s best at supporting independent characters (Thorn/Bene/OM) that just need to top off every once in awhile, since she can dump Sunspots behind cover as a health supply depot and wander off to do her thing. She can instant heal, but it hurts her and isn’t that great.

The Valkyrie, on the other hand, can drop an extra thousand points of durability on your assassin when they go in (OS + healing), guarantee the kill with Prioritize, and then save your DPS carry with her ult on their way out (jump in and proc it for a moving shield push). She’s not a dedicated healer at all, but with her on your carry’s back you can do horrible things to the enemy team.

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First up, the 3 OP (nothing drastic but they definitely out preform all other battleborn) characters:
Ambra (sunspots, staff pushing, reveal, 100% accurate weapon, good escape), passive healing, sustain damage and weaken enemies.
Kleese (tanky, 100% accurate weapon, high damage), act as artillery with primary fire in between laying rifts everywhere and getting close for taser kills.
Benedict (stupidly high burst if built right, excellent escape), focus on killing the squishy enemies between killing mobs and turrets.

After those 3 pretty much any will do, but my preference:
Boulder the tankiest tank to have ever tanked + stuns.
Miko the healiest healer to have ever healed + stuns.

There isn’t one. Every character has a counter and can counter someone. Also team comp means nothing without skill and without considering the opposing comp.

In games like this where people try to use the “best overall in current meta” aka MOBAs which obviously shows who in general will succeed there a those who only choose their counters bc they are more than likely to be picked so their probability of winning goes up quite a bit overall even with including matches they lose bc someone picked their counter’s counter or just someone else in general bc they win more on average since that character is picked more on average.

So to end the rant “best” is subjective and will change every week with patches so focus on who you ENJOY playing and you’ll gain experience and do better overall. In other words pick a main.


I wouldn’t say there are "meta teams"in this game, but some are better then others. You can probably overcome anything given enough teamwork, but a good team comp can give you some better synergy. :kissing:
I think
is a good one :no_mouth:

Well she drops a 300 shield on you, recharges 120 shield, and heals for what 250. So that’s 670 in not die ability. Then can also cleanse you out of any CC in the game. Also causes 15% of damage to reflect off of you while having the overshield (not many take this).

Then on top of this you can make enemies take a butt load of extra damage with one of your skills. I wanna say its 32% with dogpiler.

Also she’s pretty fast and has a freak beast jump that make her pretty safe. Also every time she heals/shields an ally he gets it as well. Her ultimate also has some cool stuff you can do with it now that effects pushing ability.

P.S. Ambra ult goes through Reyna’s ult.

El Dragõn, Galilea, Benedict, Miko, Kleese. I’ve played with it. Terrifying. None of them are safe to walk up to. Stunned, stunned pulled slowed silenced, bursted, stunned and slowed, taser while dispensing free shield (the miko uses shield gear ofc).