Absolute best shield in Borderlands 3 has been found

Read it and weep…


Dunno if sarcasm or not but a shield needs capacity to break which it does not have so it cant activate the annoint. That is an interesting shield though XD.

That just makes it even better.


Would be better if certain gear simply could not roll with certain anointments.


Run that with a Deathless Artifact for the ultimate meta build! They’ll never see it coming!


Wait… you might have done something…
What happens if you use a deathless and a rough rider? Does it actually give the rough rider a capacity?


I’m gonna go on a limb and say no lol

Only on Moze with a Bloodletter. :rofl:

I was thinking Zane with an Infiltrator lmao

Youtubers are going to love this new meta build. “Always Dead Moze - INSANE DAYUMAGE! GET 1 SHOT BY ALL ENEMIES WITH THIS BUILD!”


In loving memory of Sal/rough rider/money shot chain.

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Every time i see it i roar with laughter,I’ve had it drop in game as well and when i saw your post i had to check it out to see if something new had been found and same effect i busted out laughing when i saw the pic,on a serious note it really synergizes well with a infinity with reload anoint lol,thanks bro

Bro i had to catch my breath with the always dead Moze comment,absolutely priceless thanks :rofl:


At least GB can’t nerf it … wait


If you had a relic with +shield capacity, which would naturally be only a few thousand, would be worth trying to see if it worked that way.

Edit…I say this because I remember running a RR months ago and I had a small shield because of the relic.

Nah, let gear like that roll. We need stuff like that for “Item Fail of the Day” threads. :smiley:

One of my all-time favorites was an Infinity in BL2, with a mag size increase prefix. :clown_face: At least it had a cool name because of that… “Unending Infinity”. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve found a couple of those, proving yet again that the anointment system needs to go…

Is there a way to reduce your shield? Make it negative? I’m curious to see what a negative damage value would do to an enemy. Would you heal them? I’d ■■■■ myself laughing if you could.

Lol nah its gotta be the rough rider with upon barrier activation shield starts to recharge hahaha

A Transformer with ASS shield effect is pretty damn useless. I also have in my possession the following completely useless weapon anoint:

Thanks Randy LOL

You really DO need items like this for the “fail of the day” thread.