Absolute Fastest Method for Farming Tubbies?

Edit: So I found out that Tubby Bones actually never drop loot below OP8. I’m trying to farm for the digistruct peak pearls at OP8 so this was a useful discovery. I’ve been farming them at the unassuming docks starting from the entrance to flamerock refuge. If anyone has a more effective method of farming tubby bones, that would be super helpful.[details=Original Post]I’ve been farming tubbies for at least 2 weeks now in hopes of getting the 2nd set of pearls (Godfinger, Bekah, Carnage, and Wanderlust) at OP8. I’ve alternated between doing the 1st round of the creature slaughter dome, and doing run throughs of hallowed hollow, the dust, and frostburn canyon. I’ve also been using the 4-player slider mod to increase the spawn rates. Even with all this it still feels way too slow to find any tubbies sometimes, let alone have them drop the specific pearls I want at the right level. Is there any other faster or more guaranteed way to force tubby spawns outside of cheat engine? Is there also a way to guarantee that the loot dropped is at op8 and not op6 or op7? I’ve killed countless tubbies so far and all I have to show for it is some 1st gen pearls, an op7 carnage, and a ■■■■ ton of legendary class mods. I really wish tubbies weren’t the only way to get the new pearls and class mods, that they didn’t have such a bloated loot pool, and at least that they didn’t drop weapons below your level. Anyway, if you have any way to improve my farming methods, it would be greatly appreciated.[/details]

Sorry, no. Although they might seem to spawn more frequently if you stop looking for them! (The human brain is funny that way.)

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Tubbies spawning is pretty weird from what I’ve experienced. In the hunt, one I reached lvl 61, no tubbies spawned. I’ve been running the dust and I got 0 tubbies to spawn and i just reached lvl 65. I’m not sure if it’s just horrible luck or I’m meeting or failing to meet a certain set of requirements. It’s a tad frustrating.

The only requirement is that you be playing the game. Chubbies spawn below and at level 61, tubbies above that. It’s just a low probability for either to spawn, which means long runs of seeing not a single one are quite likely.

As I understand it tubbies spawn from what could have been badass enemies. As such, any area that has a greater than average chance of badass enemies should also have a greater than average chance at spawning tubbies. My favorite areas are the Dust, Arid Nexus Boneyard/Badlands and Caustic Caverns…

Yeah that’s rough, I’m pretty disappointed if I do a run through the Dust and DON’T find one.

Ok, so I just did some quick tests with enemy swapping in cheat engine, and it seems like tubby bones don’t drop any loot under your current level. I spawned and killed a bunch of them and they only dropped gear at op8. I tried the same with tubby spiderants, rakks, skags, varkids, stalkers, and even midgets and they all dropped op6 and op7 loot quite frequently, but bones never did. I’ll have to do some legit tubby bones farming to test this further, but it at least looks promising for not getting lower level tubby loot. Also tubby bones seem to have the infinity in their loot pool since I got like 2-3 to drop while testing.

How much is “a bunch”. I’m just wondering the sample size for determining if you got lucky there. Now that you mention it, I’ve seen a few infinities from Tubby Bones too, never paid much attention to it.

I think I saw someone also suggest T.K. Baha’s for tubby farming a couple of days ago, but I’m unsure how it would be good since there aren’t a ton of spiderants there. Maybe it’s because they are fast to reach or something. I’d like to hear about that option.

I killed like at least like 30 tubby bones in my ce tests. After that I spent a lot of time farming for legit tubby bones in unassuming docks and I got like at least 10 spawns and all of them dropped gear at op8, so it seems so far that tubby bones definitely only drop gear at your level which is an interesting find. I also got a legit drop of a legendary class mod, infinity and godfinger all from one tubby, which also confirms that the infinity isn’t in the same loot pool as the class mods or the pearls, which is good.

Also tk bahas is the same as hallowed hollow, which I mentioned I was farming in as well. It’s good because there are a lot of guaranteed elemental spiderant spawns which all have a chance of being a tubby.

Anyway, I’ll keep farming tubby bones in unassuming docks as it seems that is best place to farm for them, but they seem to be somewhat more rare than tubby spiderants/skags. I tried a route I came up with in the lair of infinite agony, but it wasn’t that great and involved a lot of fighting. Unassuming docks seems to be the best for me so far, but if anyone has a better method for farming tubby bones, please let me know because I feel like my current method can definitely be improved.

Well, that certainly seems like a pretty large pool for data. I guess I forgot where Hallowed hollow was mentioned, I didn’t read through all of this again, sorry.

Good to know on the Spiderants. I actually have no idea which of their numerous variants have a change to turn into tubbies.

That’s ok, I can understand why you didn’t read everything, I definitely wrote a lot, lol. Tubbies can usually randomly spawn in the same locations where badass and normal enemies can also randomly spawn. I think the elemental spiderants are one of the exceptions (or they just count as badasses) along with tubby varkids randomly spawning instead of adult or badass varkids.

Yes, I just don’t know which of the spiderants are considered badass to this day since they don’t have that in their names. So I’ve never known which variants can change to tubbies, I just go to areas with lots of spiderants, haha.

As someone who farmed a full set of OP8 pearls, I feel your pain. You are at the mercy of RNGsus, and there is nothing more you can do, unfortunately.

That said, my personal favorite for farming them is the Badlands, so if you haven’t been running that, get it in the rotation.

Pretty sure they count as badass enemies, so are eligible to be replaced by a tubby.

I guess that they probably do, but I think tubby spawns may have more to do with whether or not they can possibly spawn in a certain location rather than just replacing badasses.

I’ve seen tubbies (and chubbies before that) pretty much everywhere, so I don’t think they’re geographically restricted. It’s more that, since any badass etc. has a chance to spawn as a chubby/tubby, you’ll see them more in areas with higher numbers of badass critters.

As an example, I’d never seen a chubby anything in the WEP area between the box room building and the observation wing until last week, when I had a tubby rakk dive-bombing me. That’s also the first tubby rakk I’ve ever seen.

that seems odd, I never heard the vault hunter cry for a badass when elemental spiderants are around; instead it always happens when a tubby or rabids or procreators spawn

I don’t get the callouts for badass bandit enemies all the time, so I don’t know if that’s relevant. Often when I hear “I spy a badass”, it’s a super or ultimate badass enemy.

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Yeah, I meant like t/chubbies can spawn at any specific spawn points that are able to spawn a random enemy out of a selection of enemies that includes tubbies. Those mixes of enemies almost always contain badasses as well so spawn points where badass enemies can randomly spawn can usually also randomly spawn tubbies, but other spawn points that may spawn badasses may also never spawn tubbies. This is why tubbies don’t necessarily “replace” badasses (though I think they also count as a badass), they just tend to be included in spawn mixes that usually also contain badasses. I think that’s the gist of how it works, but I’m not 100% sure

I thought the mechanic was, when the game spawned a particular class of enemy, it had a chance to be the chubby/tubby version of that enemy? In other words, you would either get a badass skag or a tchubby skagg? That’s how I’ve seen it described elsewhere, anyway. (Kind of like how any robotic loot midget has a chance to be Jimmy Jenkins.)