Absolute Hyperion/MALIWAN Allegiance Zero

Enemies are vulnerable against Bee - Lady Fist, but Zero is much more…


How did you get your minimap to track north? I didn’t even know that was an option.

It was in that state because I did nothing…:hushed:

Oh that’s weird - mine shows my player always facing up, and when I move around, the map (and enemies) move around the arrow.

Regional difference?

edit - related: I ran Hyperion Zer0 for a while, and that was my exact spec (though I used a different weapon set).

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I checked there is the mini map option in my game. Fixing on/off

Can you tell me a bit more?

I only allow my characters one instance of any given weapon, so I have one Bitch (fire), one Interfacer (shock), one Conference Call (slag), etcera, though I do let them have three Fibbers (one of each barrel type, since they’re such different weapons). I even used the same skin/head. :smiley: It’s a rule I maintain to “force” myself to use the entire Hyperion (or whatever - they all do this) weapon library.

Maya is my Hyperion rep at the moment.

It is to taste every meal of the table once. It’s interesting.

Edit: +1 Absolute MALIWAN

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