Absolute Zero from the Weapons Grinder?

Am I getting super trolled by RNGesus? I’m trying to get a new Absolute Zero that’s closer to my level and the grinder just refuses. Is it even possible to get the DLC legendary lasers from the grinder? Seriously, I’ve done this at least 30 times now. I don’t want a Cat O’ Nine Tails right now. I really don’t want a Min-Min Lighter. And I ESPECIALLY don’t want a ZX-whatever the hell it is.

Seriously, there’s 8 different types of legendary lasers, how does it always come out to the same 3? After 30 tries (yeah, I’ve been counting) I’m pretty sure that’s a statistical anomaly.

Hell, even a Laser Disker would be nice. I don’t even care about parts or luneshine, I just want it to be closer to my level.

Are you grinding with at least one claptastic legendary? I was grinding for a better thunder fire and did a lot of grinds,and the absolute zero came out the least of any laser. I only had 1 come out of over 60 grinds.

Unfortunately, the Absolute Zero does not have a designated drop (hence why I called it maddeningly rare) since the grinder would not cooperate.

As stated earlier, I’m not super concerned with parts.

I did manage to get one eventually, but I am not looking forward to that ordeal again.

It will take a while. You will get a bunch of purples too, but keep at it and you will get one. The other problem is parts you might have to take what you get even if it doesn’t have the right parts. The only other option is probably more tedious and that would be to farm dos and hope for a drop. I believe the grinder is still a better option. The absolute zero for me has been the rarest gun in the game. I have 38 days played and have only seen 4 . 2 from grinder, 1 in vending machine,and my one I still use that dropped from eos. I got lucky and my first absolute was all Malian. I think it’s worth the grind it’s my goto weapon on Wilhelm and no other laser is better.

I may be wrong but I think you need to use two clapastic voyage legendaries and a purple otherwise the recipe won’t work (I recommend the longest Byrd since it’s an easy farm), also in my experience eos is very generous in Giving out those rare legendaries like the absolute zero and kaneda’s laser, he can be pretty easy to farm with the right gear and a nisha.

What platform are you on?