Absurd latency on LAN

My wife and I got time to play together thanks to holiday week vacation. yay!

Except it’s unplayable because for some reason we have 300-700 ping In game on our LAN. For no apparent reason. Our PCs command line ping at 2-3 ms. Borderlands 2 LAN browser reports no discernible lag either and plays fine.

Borderlands 3 meanwhile has crazy high network latency resulting in rubber banding for the person who is connecting to host.

Any ideas?

Edit: BL2 lan browser vs BL3 lan browser.

image image

Do you have the Social menu notifications on or off?

Both computers were set to normal in the menu but tested it when I got up and it has no effect.

It’s unfortunately the only thing I could think of that might clog up the network connection. I’m curious whether it would be the same or different if you switched to Network, Invite only, and joined that way? I mean, that ought to be the worse option in terms of latency, but a then 576 ping on the same LAN doesn’t exactly make sense either.