Absurd Scaling Per Mission in HW1:R?

Has anyone else noticed the scaling going on in HW1:R during the missions ? For example, in my case I went into mission 5 with 15, Yes 15 Iron Array frigates, and roughly 20ish turanic corvettes yes I stole them all haha

I also had.
8 heavy corvettes
14 savage corvettes
6 assault frigates
2 support frigates
2 repair corvents
2 research ships
2 resource collecters
2 resource controllers

In mission 5 the biggest issue I am having is that they now have literally 20-25 assault frigates + some Ion frigates and 3-5 destroyers, which I usually steal :smile:. This is Definitely not keeping to the classic in the slightest, atleast compared to what my Old prima guide for HW1 says now to find that again >.>

Anyone else agree that the scaling is a bit too high/unbalanced ? I mean for us vets of the series who are use to salvaging everything we can per mission and moving on, but that mechanic is almost useless now because your corvettes become Priority One targets the second there in range, even in mid combat.

So to say the least there are some balance issues that need to be addressed :frowning:.

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If you don’t want an absurd amount of ships to fight against I guess keep your fleet small. that’s what it’s telling us.

lolz that way of thinking totally defeats the purpose of a Salvage corvette and its tatical advantage o.O’ lolz. In my opinion they have possibly made the later missions unplayable at this rate if each mission scales according to your previous fleet size.

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Go through the original game, whether from the disk or the “Classic” option. With the original mechanics, the original gameplay. Try a run without capturing ships. Now try one with capturing ships, and tell me you do not want to grab as many as possible.

Then you can lecture me on fleet size.

This is one of the many issues of “Remastered.”

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Who’s lecturing?

You made this comment.

… as an answer to someone making a question about the difficulty scaling, and a broken feature of the game.

I replied with a short paragraph explaining why someone who came to Homeword “Remastered” expecting the gameplay of Homeworld would expect capturing ships to be a reward, not a punishment. I attempted to explain the reasoning behind it. So, yes. I did lecture.

Is my point invalid? No. Is my post useful to people who have not played the first game, or those who did not expect the gameplay of the first? Yes. They can see it and understand some of the shocks we who have played and expected the gameplay of Homeworld.

Your post implies Thalaron86 is playing the game incorrectly. Which is more useful? My lecture, or your rather flippant[quote=“Nebula17011, post:2, topic:149901, full:true”]
If you don’t want an absurd amount of ships to fight against I guess keep your fleet small.[/quote]

However, I will stop the discussion with you, with this “Remastered” reply to your post,“Homeworld Veterans, especially those who played the game a lot, may be negatively shocked by many things in “Homeworld Remastered”, one of which may be the difficulty scaling causing missions to go insane.”

Edit:Yes, Nebula,17011, I was admitting to lecturing you. I also explained why.

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I agree, that there needs to be something done about this imbalance with the scaling, I mean Damn, imagine going into the mission with the ghost ship thats controling several other ships O.o ? That would be literally impossible to do with the way most vets capture ships prior to that mission. Actually I bet with the way I play that it Would in fact be impossible, given that in that mission most the ships are assault frigates, so fighters would just get slaughtered in seconds…literally.

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My reply wasn’t a lecture it was an observation. I never stated how anyone was playing the game was incorrect.

Anyway… speaking of Sea of Lost Souls

I had the same issue on mission 5, but I had this setup:

4 Turanic Ion array frigates
2 Kushan ion frigates
15 heavy corvettes
4 assault frigates
22 interceptors
10 bombers
8 salvage corvettes
1 resource collector
1 resource controller
1 resarch ship

And I got litterally 4 destroyers, 20 assault frigates, 3 ion array frigates, a bunch of defenders and a #$"%load of interceptors. Also they had 3 resource collectors, but they where all side by side, with no escort, so is not worth mentioning.

4 friggin’ destroyers, which I implemented evasive manuvers with interceptors and assault frigates (to concentrate their fire on them), and every time I had a salvage corvette near them, they attacked it first without hesitating (and you need 4 for each destroyer). Obviously I was able to destroy them by using drones and knowing their location and to avoid a frontal attack, which would be a suicide. After the attack I had no Interceptors, no attack bombers, lost 3 ion frigates, 2 assault frigates, 6 heavy corvettes, and 2 salvage corvettes. But I captured a destroyer and a assault friggate, and bulit 15 defenders during a direct attack I had, but only survived 3.

In the original, with that amount the Taiidan was easly defeatable, but now, I had a really hard time beating them. I even had to quickload a couple of times. Yet, I wouldn’t say is too unbalanced. Yeah, it feels like it, but is not that with a bit of strategic though you couldn’t get past by, with a ton of loss, but yet, being able to defeat 3 friggin destroyers feels so great.

PS: Heavy corvettes are the best unit in the whole game. PERIOD.

You can kill the frigates with Destroyers easily. Scouts lure them to the edge of the control field where they stop - that is why they do not follow very far. If you lure them to their maximum extend and attack them with Ions/DDs they will slaughter them without even getting shot back by most of the ships as they simply do not have the range or the ability to close.

I did this so I could complete a “no-capture” challenge.

I want the scaling removed entirely when I play the missions. I think it should be an option.

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