Accelerate / Vel0city weapon effects

There was a post on the old forums that talked about these two skills (Vel0city is Zer0’s bullet speed skill, for those who don’t know) and how they interact with certain guns - namely, which weapons work with increased bullet speed and which don’t. I can’t seem to find it anymore. Would someone mind doing a write up?

It mostly pushes back the distance at which some guns perform their best, usually due to time-in-flight pellet splits. If you can adjust for this, even better. If not, you need to weigh the benefits of the Vel0city damage buff (and usefulness with other weapons in your loadout) against the damage from the extra pellets.

The Godfinger, Lyuda, Bekah, Hail, and Lead Storm come to mind: their pellets split in various ways, which can dramatically increase their damage. If this split doesn’t occur until much further downrange due to Vel0city, it can be more difficult to get that extra damage out of them.

I believe the Twister has some unique behavior with Vel0city as well?

The Pimpernel also gets affected in the way that the split happens much higher. Which means that you have to aim even lower.

Guns with slow projectiles, like the Sandhawk or Plasma Casters, benefit from the speed buff. I would imagine that it works well on any gun with slow moving projectiles. The problem is when you have a firing pattern that has a “sweetspot”.