Accelerating Strike Craft Repairs while docked

Hey everyone again,
Sorry to be spamming the board with so many questions, but I’ve been having some fun creating superfighters in Homeworld 1 and 2 but I ran into a problem where the fighters take too long to repair while docked with the mothership. Is there a way to make the repair rate for docked ships go faster? I’ve searched all over and I can’t tell if it’s hardcoded or in a value I don’t see.

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In the .ship file of the vessel they are docking with, look for addAbility “ShipHold”


70 is the base repair rate, and 36 and 75 are overrides for those ship families.

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Man, I assumed those numbers were the capacity of the hold… That explains a lot!

addAbility(<rShip>, "ShipHold", <bIsActive>, <fDropoffRate>, <iShipholdSize>, <sEffectName>, <sDockFamilies>, <fRepairRate> <tRepairException[1-N]>)

<bIsActive>: is the ability active by default? (0 = inactive, 1 = active) Note: this determines whether ships can dock and collectors come to this ship for resource dropoff. Also required for autolaunch.
<fDropoffRate>: the number of RUs that can be unloaded here per second.
<iShipholdSize>: the total number of ships that can dock within the shiphold.
<sEffectName>: the name of the effect to use for the rally point.
<sDockFamilies>: a comma-separated list of dock families that may stay in the shiphold when docked.
<fRepairRate>: the number of HP repaired per second.
<tRepairException1> thru <tRepairException4>: exceptions that override <fRepairRate> for the specified dock family.

You could also edit these values in the ship file (you did say you were going for “superfighters”):


Now your ship will regen 100% health in 1 second.

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