Access Ships Bank Anywhere

Why cant we just have a nice organised Bank that you can just have infinite storage and weapons are all stored by Power Lvl, or Attributes, Elemental Type and allowing all varients. A nice collectors catalog that just pleases everyone and you get a nice sticker everytime you get a new type pf weapon till you have all the types of weapons in the game.

Why make a game with 50 billion guns n allow players to carry 40, i can respawn myself, teleporting myself with fast travel, spawn cars and construct them in front of my eyes, traverse the galaxy. Cant carry a dahm thing. Seriously just make a catalog and let me tick them weapons off one by one with a satisfying tick or shaded weapon slot that reveals a new gun has been found. I dont wanna choose man just let me collect them all.

I want a men i black style library of all guns not just 40 this is the main time wasting issue of full inventory. If i can spawn a car with guns then let me spawn my guns from a fast travel station n garage aswell. Just add bank slot pls and make a catalog so i can satisfy my loot hoarding desires…peace and Thank you


id really like to see the bank in the DLC hub areas. DLC2 had a lost loot machine so i dont see why not

One bank location per map, just to save traveling back and forth to sanc. Still id prefer a catalog to slowly grind and tick off weapon varients, different levels of that gun. Really hate throwing away rares just because travelling mid battle to sanc and back to make room or decide what to throw away…i want all the guns…all the guns, i say!! Lol

Mayhem 2.0 has access through the Echo. Why not make the Bank accessible through the echo too ? I dont mean like the Backpack, more like a Point you klick and after a short loading time you can access the Bank.

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i imagine such a feature would have a knock on effect to the performance of the game, although i know zip about the technicalities of it.

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if your VH has played both NVHM and TVHM you can park the NVH next to the bank and let your TVH fill up the backpack elsewhere. When you need to empty the backpack, quit to the menu, load the NVH, fill the bank. Rinse and repeat.

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That would just make the Bank a larger, harder to use Backpack. I don’t think they’ll do this.

Not through echo and its easy to use, just fav your selected weapons and they appear in quick menu for when your in combat, you can only fav 40 items still that appear in back pack, rest go to storage in bank and you customise your inventory. Simple easy no excuses mate lol

What would be really nice is a companion mobile app to access and sort inventory and bank.

A separate bank tab for each character. Maybe with a shared tab for all of them.

And yea, the sort function is really lacking in its current state.

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I’d be happy with being able to arrange the bank and sell from the bank.

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