Accessing Old Forum Threads & Topics

Hey guys.

So I guess I had the wrong idea about the shut down of the old forums; I thought we wouldn’t be able to post or log in or anything, obviously, but that we would still be able to read through old topics, etc.

But when you type in the address for the old forums it redirects you here.

Is any of the information stored on the old forums still accessible?

Or only threads that got ported over to here?


Also, can someone please tell me how to edit a post?

EDIT: Figured out how to edit!

I see you haven’t lost your habit of posting non-TPS stuff in the TPS section.

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Moved to Gearbox Talk.

My guess is the old forums will be seeing as that url leads to a picture of a broken claptrap.

Also, do please try to fix that posting non-TPS stuff in the TPS section this time around.


@FlamesForAll- welcome! See my post here.