Accidentally hit new game XB1

I was toying with creating a new character and accidentally started a new game. Now I’m unable to go back to the mission I was working on currently and now I’m stuck at square one with seeming no way of going back to my old game. Is there any way of recovering it?

On the main menu press Y, it should bring up a list of your characters.

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I got that part, but the new game is assigned to my current character.

Hitting new game doesn’t replace your existing character, it just makes a new one. I’m not really sure what else to say, if you’ve just hit new game, going to the character select screen fixes that issue.

The character is still there, lvl 37 Doppl, but I’m on the first mission (Welcome to Helios).


Sounds like you enetered tvhm maybe.

Hit Y. Select your character again, and a pop up should appear listing the playthroughs you have unlocked (normal and true vault hunter mode)
Sounds like you need to go back to normal.


I will give it a shot. I did choose TVHM when it asked and I’d been on normal mode.


That fixed it!!! Thank you!!!


Good to hear. You’re welcome, vault hunter! Happy looting.

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Glad you got things sorted, sorry if I wasn’t much help, I just didn’t really understand that you’d gone back on to your original guy, I thought you meant you were stuck with the level 1 guy.