Accidentally sold a legendary: "Emergency Auto-Medic", can I get it back somehow?

I was selling gear from an LLC commander pack when my analog stick flicked over to the first Legendary I had in my gear section: the Emergency Auto-Medic (I’ve accidentally sold things like this twice before, but never a legendary, so it wasn’t a real issue). Since I had been selling things from a loot pack before (opened an Uncommon Loot Pack and sold everything in it), I was already in the “flow” of button-pressing to sell gear. Then I realized that my legendary was missing and I panicked. I closed the application, hoping there was a .5% chance that didn’t really happen. I was wrong. This caused me to lose my footage, since the PS4’s recording system resets when you open an application.

I really want that legendary back. It was one of my favorites, and my only health regen legendary I had other than Gali’s lore legendary.

I can post a pic of proof that I had it you like, gbx. I just want that gear piece back, it was core to my tank build.

For anyone curious, it provides health regen and damage reduction, with 14 health regen while under CC effects. Awesome, right? Now, thanks to old-Dualshock-4-input-error and lag, it went down the drain. Please help, Gearbox.

edit: PSN is GoatChicken007

edit2: I take pictures of legendary gear when I get them out of loot packs because… well, I do, and I suppose it’s neat to find legendaries in packs. Anyways, sometimes I forget to do this, and after skimming through my Capture Gallery on PS4, the Auto-Medic happens to be one of those times I forgot to take a screenshot of. However, I do have two pictures that show it in my gear section.

Look at the first legendary in the gear section, as that is the Emergency Auto-Medic that comes just before Galilea’s lore legendary. Here, my gear is sorted by type.

Now this is a more recent pic of an LLC legendary I found. Look in the second column, bottom row. There, you can see I have it equipped (it’s in my tank loadout, like I said earlier). Here, my gear is sorted by new. How do you know it isn’t Gali’s lore piece? Well, really, you don’t, but since I got that thing a long time ago, and I don’t play Galilea anymore… you’ll just have to take my word for this particular screenshot. The other one is proof enough, I think.

Well, the good thing is that it’s really not that great of a legendary. Bad thing is that I doubt it can be returned. I remember them saying this before. And since it’s a loot pack legendary it’s difficult to get back by farming for it. Which I wouldn’t recommend anyway since it’s not worth the trouble.
You could still try contatcing Gearbox Support through here;

You do get a free Legendary loot pack if you sign in between the 24th to the 1st, have you opened that pack already?

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Yep. Got the Hemsworth Sparkle Shield. Between that and the Auto-Medic… yeah, I’ll take the auto-medic.

And “not really that great”? What? 28 health regen while under CC? That’s great for nearly anyone, especially considering slows count as CC and there’s a LOT of slows in this game.

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Yea, the EAM is awesome :dukeaffirmative:

@MeltedCow, do you save to PSN cloud or a usb?

If you do, you can retrieve it from a/the previous save.

Fingers crossed for you.

Will that work? I would assume the player profiles are saved in and checked against the server saves, to prevent people from editing save files.

You’d lose your progress, but should be able to resurrect gear.

Gear info is stored server side to combat save game editing.

Happen to me before and support told me that there nothing they can do about it

It turns enemy accelerators into sneaky heal stations. :wink:

I run it on Gali since the regen buff. You actually get some serious distance out of it because teams throw everything at her, including all their slows. And I love the irony of the enemy Miko healing me with their spores.

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Hmm… Spicy Pranks. Seems like fun, though I guess I don’t spend enough time CC’d in most matches that I’d get more benefit out of it vs a blue regen gear.

The blue syringe is better for regen in general, but the neat thing about the Auto-Medic is that, unlike other syringes, it has DR as its secondary stat. So paired with DR+regen gear, you get to stack the two things that make Gali most obnoxiously hard to kill!

Ah Galilea you are beautiful and gross.

(edit: there are also purple syringes with DR actually, now that I think about it. UPR maybe?)


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Yep :-]

And the purple DR UPR item has the same stats in reverse.

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Even so, you’ve got to admit that this combo + Last Light = hilarity:

It’s dangerous to go alone.

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Bumping for visibility now that Gearbox is back in action. Is that allowed here? Oh well.