Accidentally sold Grognozzle last night, what to do?

Arg, completed “A beard makes the man” last night. I had a lot of blue weapons and accidentally sold it with all of them. When I went back on it was gone, oh no, cant repeat it.

I cant see how anyone would want to trade it as they only get one.

When you turn in the mission, you also effectively “turn in” the Grog Nozzle, as it’s a mission-only item. The only people who legitimately have a GN that doesn’t disappear after completing the mission are those who were fortunate enough to get them during the Loot Hunt a few years back. Hopefully one of those people will still have a spare.

and some of those people farmed a dozen or so at different levels. I farmed a few at different levels, but not sure where they are stored or if I even have any left as I ended up never using the Grog for anything except the mission, best to hope someone on PS has an extra

If you’re OP8 I can give you a grog. Did you want potent, evisceration, or both?

Oh wow thanks how cool. I am just 72 however, OP2.

Raid on Digistuct is yet another one where Zero’s lack of Health Regen stinks.

I got the Slag Kitten last night to help but it was level 61.

Gearbox!! Why?? You made such an awesome game and then this…

I have a LVL 72 you can have. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

im op5 can you still give me them?? please

Closed to avoid further necromancy.