Account binded to platform?

Hi! After dozens of gaming hours with borderlands sequels I’m very excited for this game! My problem is that I am multi-platform-gamer and I have awesome gaming mates both in PC and PS4 and this game is going to be hot stuff for all of them.

So… Is it possible to share one battleborn account in 2 different platforms so I can build same characters with all of my friends? I know it sounds weird and technically challenging solution, but it seems like in the mobile mmo games this problem has already been solved. For example I can play Arcane Legends with my iPad and continue it with my Android handset on the road with same character and same friends.

I know I’m not alone with this kind of problem today. You just can’t have all of your friends in the same platform and that’s why I hope this awakes a lot of discussion

Technically it’s possible. Most of the time platform holders, Sony & Microsoft, don’t mind sharing with the PC because that’s a different audience. So PC + Xbox or PC + Playstation are fine. But Xbox + Playstation is a no go. A universal cloud save would be great.

That makes sense! Btw in the Warframe they made only account migration to other platform possible, in one direction and possible only once. Dunno why, because in PC after launching it from Steam you need to log in to their own network, same as in ps4. So why you can’t use that same account in both?? Plus with a solution, one gamer should purchase 2 copies of the game which means more money :wink:

I didn’t want to talk about it on my last post, but you do see some experiments with licences. If you currently read through the Playstation legal paper it already says you buy a license to play the game and not the actual game. One thing that has come out of this is the fact that if you buy a game on PS4 you also get the game on PSvita. The cross-buy function. Nintendo recently gave out download codes if you purchased a game on WiiU you would get a key for the 3DS version of the game (and vise versa).

It would be great if you could buy a game (license) and play it on any platform you want. For example if you would buy Battleborn you could play it on Xbox One, PS4 & PC without having to buy the game 3 times. You payed for the game and you already payed for the platform. This with cross-play (play with Pc+xbox+ps gamers in one lobby) would be heaven, but a lot of companies would lose their share of money so… i’ll keep dreaming.

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No final answers on this yet, but great question.

MentalMars has done a great job of identifying some of the biggest issues.

Thanks Mars!


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Well while on the topic, think it’s possible there will be cross platform multiplayer? PC players playing/fighting PS4 players? Or would that be too much work for not much?

Aside from technological limitations, there are other things to keep in mind:

Is it fair to let players with different input methods play against each other? Shooters on consoles are proven to be bs when it comes to aiming. And the strength of a supporting aimbot would be subjective and make for lots of complaints from both sides. Racing games for example are more fun with a controller, but when you play Trackmania, the precision of a keyboard is unmatched compared to a controller.

I guess IF it’s possible, I’d only implement it when the game is about to die and searching for lobbies takes ages. In every other case: I wouldn’t recommend it.

Really hoping for a universal account as I have friends on all 3 platforms, but as it’s already not the case I’m not holding my breath :frowning:

I don’t need cross-platform play, but universal account would be great!

I feel like they’d make more money this way too… not much, but it would be there.

Well I mean, the Shift account says I can link my Steam, X-box gamer-tag and PSN.

So there is a universal account?

Good question, I bought Battleborn on PS4, but once my gaming PC is working again I’d buy it on that too.

I can then tell everyone on this Page that there is not an universal account. I bought it for PC to test and found out: Progress and stats do save online But to “that” online profile you boot the game with. Steam, psn, xbox etc.
Shift account is linked though so you can get skins etc But thats all.

that’s disappointing

I believe that you can change which platform your shift account is bound to, so you might be able to carry rank over. I’m not sure, and I don’t have an alternate platform to check this with.