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Hi y’all,
a couple days ago I was playing and finally got my Zero to level 72. I played around and completed some dlc I had installed. I also did a lot of farming and got (all level 72)a double pen Unkempt Harold, The bee, The sham, social bitch, lyuda, and the gun dropped by the other dude in the “the good, the bad, and the Mordecai“ quest. Today I got onto my Xbox and my Zero account was deleted. There’s no continue button and no account in the cloud saves menu.
I play on Xbox 1 and downloaded the game from the Xbox1 game store. When I go into the Xbox360 emulator home tab → Manage Storage → Saved Games → Borderlands 2 , I have my level 72 backup and it says it’s in sync. But I have no idea what to do to get my Zero back.
Note: on the “Saved Games” screen there is an option to sync(bottom left) I have done this multiple times with reloading the game.

First thing: are you only playing the backwards compatible version of BL2 on the XB1, or are you switching between the backwards compatible and XB1 native (ie Handsome Collection) versions?

Second thing: At the main game menu, what happens when you hit Y (character select)? Does your missing save file show up in that list?

Third thing: Did you at any time recently tell your XB1 to “delete 360 storage”? It’s an option available to clear storage space on your main drive.

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I’m only playing on the backwards compatible version. Honestly I’m not to sure what you mean but I bought BL2 by its self not with the bundle.

No there is no available character to play

And then no

You can buy the Handsome Collection, which includes BL2 and TPS along with all DLC with one exception. It will run natively on your XB1 with 60 fps. However, that’s obviously not immediately relevant to your current situation.

BL2 creates “backup” saves which are supposed to be used if the primary save ever gets corrupted. It seems like your system has lost the primary save but isn’t loading the back up replacement for some reason.

All I can really suggest at this point is the usual XBox trouble-shooting steps - do a power reset to clear caches; if that doesn’t work, you may need to remove your profile from your XB1 and re-add it to see if that restores the missing file.

You can also open an official support ticket, who will almost certainly ask you to perform the above two steps. Be sure to let them know that you’re playing the backwards compatible version of BL2.

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I’ll be sure to try the methods.
Thanks a lot!!!