Ace Maps for Homeworld Remastered

This map pack contains 16 of the most popular maps from hw2 including Demons Den, Xeno Phobic, Armed for Burial, Call To Arms Expert, Fallen Lords, Angel Wing, Shield Evolution, Sarum Badlands, Backyard Foe, Subversion, Gates to Eternity, TFL Crimson Bond, MicroBond, Fields of Sorrow, Finger’s Wrath, and USA vs World.

The pack also contains 8 player versions of Crimson Bond, Sarum Dust Clouds, and two new 8 player maps called Crucible and Kharum Graveyard. Additionally observer / spectator maps of all the default hw1 and hw2 maps are included. Map authors include: P5yNerGy, Cernunnos, GunMetal and Cloaked.

Download here:

These maps work online, and custom maps are automatically loaded by other players when you host.

v2: Updated for the HWR 1.3 Patch, and added additional maps
v2.1: Fixed the RU on 8 Player Sarum Dust Clouds
v3: Updated for the HWR 2.0 Patch, fixed Taiidan collision issues, and added additional maps
v4: Added starting positions to all the map preview images
v5: Added hw1 spectator maps


Awesome maps.

Excellent! Brilliant for tourney.

Thanks, will download.

Thanks for this, will be good to explore some new spaces. :grinning:

This is for remastered yes? All have been remastered?

Yep, the maps are for Remastered, and they have the new asteriod graphics and everything by default.

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You ought to put in a screenshot of each map. It only has that one for the thumbnail on moddb.

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You can see all the thumbnails if you download the map pack.

But I want to see them before downloading, installing, and loading up the game.


I downloaded form Mod DB, placed in the DIR specified, but do not see them online. I have several other map PACKS I do play with on line. Can anyone assist?


Double check the directory, its probably just a typo. Also the map files themselves go in that directory, so make sure theres no extra folders. And be sure to restart the game!

Paste your full folder path here if your still having issues.

Hey Cloaked, nice post. I have updated the old XENOphobic map and fixed the name to Xeno Phobic. Also the player 0 and player 3 positioning is now closer to their respective patch. Other minor changes for Wasteland Chronicle where max world setting is lowered. Down load the updated version here. Should be good and ready to go for the upcoming patch.

Enjoy the maps guys and I will be fixing Realm of Senses shortly. So the map is not included on my current map pack.

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I haven’t seen you playing HW:RE game lately EMP. This is GunMetalXENO wtf I thought you knew haha. Yeah, your right. The name was meant to be XENOphobic as in XENO clan of phobia for those who played against us. I haven’t changed the name at all. I only spaced them out and used proper upper case for the maps name. It is still the same name only Xeno Phobic was more appropriate to space the 2 seperate words. It was meant to dedicate a map for the XENO clan when I wanted to make a map for us back then. XENO!

Get the map. I fixed position settings for player1 and 4. also changed the middle cloud colors a little darker for Dead Lock map. Get on the game Emp, we need to catch up on our 2v2 games bud.

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Ahaha. You have to many diff names dude.

Names for forum, game, steam, and other smurf accounts comes in handy :smiley:

Got it working, thanks! I was off one directory.

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Custom maps work perfectly fine. Get my maps and HOST IT AWAY :slight_smile:

For those that have requested my 4v4 map

TFL-Cruicible V3

Fast paced 4v4 map.

Tips :

Positions 1 and 4, have dangerous naturals thats are contested. They also have a choice of weaker expansions out wide.

Positions 2 and 3, have safe naturals but must choose to help pos 1 and 4 to secure their naturals, or try to contest the center of the map for the 9 ru spot.

Behind each player is a 2 ru spot for emergency retreat. Consider an early mobile refinery to take advantage of it

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Cool. Can you add a thumbnail?

I can help with that if you don’t have a TGA editor or anything, just send me a JPG.

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