Achievement disappears and then gets replaced by two others!

I have a weird problem. When I continue my game, I see that that I’ve only done 4/5 for Tread Carefully in the Lunar Launching Station.

If I teleport to the LLS, the achievement disappears! But if I then quit to the main menu (not the entire game), return to the game (continuing from the LLS), the Tread Carefully achievement gets replaced by the Veins of Helios challenge called Thrill Seeker (telling me I did 10/11 on that), and with the LLS achievement called Finish Him (which the game says I’ve done 4/5).

So what is it? It seems my saved game somehow confuses Tread Carefully and replaces it with Thrill Seeker and Finish Him until I fully quit the game, after which it goes back to Tread Carefully.

I don’t have that many achievements left, but I really don’t want the game to be bugging on me now :frowning:

Any ideas? I will NOT reset my achievements, it took over 500 hours to get this far and I’m not going to accept this as a viable support solution.

I’ve been playing with Athena since the day the game came out, same saved game, continuous gaming, UVHM now and just trying to get the final achievements, but this keeps me stumped as it keeps switching around O_o !?

Please someone from Gearbox help me.

I would suggest submitting a support ticket as well.

Thanks, will do.

Just in case… screenshot attached. It’s just really weird :frowning: